10 Actors We’d Love To See Play Princess Zelda In Nintendo’s Upcoming Legend Of Zelda Movie

News of Nintendo’s live-action venture, in the field of fantasy and adventure legend of Zelda The film aroused enthusiasm among fans around the world. As avid and casual gamers alike eagerly await the franchise’s debut on the big screen, one burning question remains: who will take on the eternal role of Princess Zelda?

As rumors continue to spread and anticipation grows, we’ve got a list of ten talented actors who can bring the great princess to life in ways that will meet fans’ expectations and stay true to the character. From Florence Pugh to stars like Zendaya, the possibilities are mesmerizing.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh from Don't Worry Darling
Warner Bros. Pictures

Zelda is a princess known for her intelligence, depth, and dedication to her people, demanding an actress who could effortlessly embody these qualities. Florence Pugh is renowned for her versatile performances and is an ideal choice for the iconic role. Pugh’s range includes roles that blend fantasy, seriousness and seriousness, echoing the characteristics of Zelda.

In little Women, Pugh dedicated artist Amy March, demonstrating her ability to inject authenticity and depth into a character. As a vengeful donor midsummer, she was able to strengthen her ability to execute a wide range of emotions, from vulnerability to strength. Although she has not expressed a desire to play Zelda, these roles reflect the multifaceted nature of Princess Zelda, making her an attractive choice for the character.


Zendaya in Euphoria Season 2

In a wide spectrum of potential actresses for the role of Princess Zelda, Zendaya You have emerged as a strong contender. Known for her dynamic range and charismatic presence, she has proven her ability to bring characters to life. Recent roles, such as her portrayal of Rue Bennett Excitement and in mj spider man: far from homeCapture her ability to convey intelligence, resilience, and vulnerability, which reflect Zelda’s characteristics.

Zendaya has taken a journey from Disney Channel to shake it UpBecoming the youngest winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series speaks volumes about her skills as an actress. Like Pugh, she has not expressed a desire to play Zelda, but her fans have asked not only for her to play Zelda, but also for her longtime boyfriend, Tom Holland, to play Link Is.

hunter schaffer

Hunter Schafer as Jules in Euphoria
Warner Bros. domestic television distribution

In the search for the perfect actress to play Princess Zelda, the spotlight turns to hunter schaffer, a rising model and actress who has a blend of versatility and talent. Best known for her breakthrough role as Jules Vaughn in Excitement, Schaefer has shown a range that aligns with Zelda’s complex and deep character. Schaefer’s portrayal of Jules dealing with the challenges of adolescence and identity shows that she has a skill set that is key to bringing the princess to life – conveying vulnerability, emotional resonance, and strength.

In a recent interview during the premiere of hunger games In Variety’s prequel, Hunter Schafer responded to fan speculation surrounding her possible casting as Princess Zelda. He openly acknowledged the hype spread on the Internet, expressing genuine excitement about the prospect. And this isn’t the first time she’s been publicly called out for her resemblance to a Nintendo princess: during the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party, her appearance closely resembled the iconic character.

elle fanning

elle fanning the great

elle fanningDakota Fanning’s younger sister, who has some ethereal charm and versatile acting skills, emerges as another good choice to play Princess Zelda. Playing a princess in a fantasy setting often requires a unique blend of balance and energy, and Fanning’s recent roles, such as her portrayal of Princess Aurora harmfulShow how she can be beautiful, flexible, and magical – all qualities that represent Zelda.

With a career spanning indie films and blockbuster hits, Fanning has an enduring range and ability to play diverse characters. Fanning has expressed no desire to play Princess Zelda, but as an experienced actress with an attractive on-screen presence, Fanning brings not only physical likeness to the character, but also the depth needed to be the great princess. Brings.

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amber midthunder

amber midthunder in pre

Another compelling contender for the role of the iconic Princess Zelda and a rising star with a wide variety of roles under her belt. amber midthunder, She is known for her dynamic role performances in FX series like military unit and her regular role on The CW Roswell, New Mexico, Which highlights her versatility as an actress.

Judging from these recent roles, she has a mesmerizing combination of emotional range, strength, and complexity that suggests she would be well suited to the Great Princess. Her career includes roles in both television and film and establishes her as an actress capable of bringing a new and refreshing perspective to Princess Zelda.

millie bobby brown

Millie Bobby Brown in Maiden

In the quest to find the best Princess Zelda, millie bobby brown‘s name comes to mind not only because she is a fan favorite but is also an actress with tremendous talent. He is best known for his breakout role in Eleven In stranger things, Millie Bobby Brown stands out as another excellent and suitable choice to portray Princess Zelda. She has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to jump into imaginary worlds and express an impressive range, even at a young age.

Brown also played the role of Princess Elodie in the Netflix film, young woman, Her role as a princess in this series adds potential to her portrayal of Zelda, highlighting her ability to command the screen and her ease in embodying the role of a princess. Handily, Millie Bobby Brown has shown that she can play roles in a variety of genres and easily embodies Princess Zelda’s wisdom and noble influence.

McKenna Grace

Mckenna Grace Once Upon A Time

Started his acting career at the age of five, McKenna Grace With his natural talent and dedication, he soon made his mark in the industry. She initially started out on Disney Channel before moving to soap operas. the young and the Restless, which demonstrated his versatility even in the early stages of his career. When she moved into the horror genre, she was dubbed the “scream queen” for her performances. bad seed, The Haunting of Hill HouseAnd annabelle comes home,

His ability to command attention in mysterious and dramatic narratives sets him apart from others in the industry. Based on her extensive acting experience spanning various genres and her ability to immerse herself in complex and mature roles, she comes across as an attractive choice for Princess Zelda.

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daphne keen

Dafne Keen in His Dark Materials (2019)

In the field of potential contenders for the coveted role of Princess Zelda, daphne keen Armed with his extraordinary acting talent and diverse range of performances, he is another standout choice. She is widely recognized for her breakout role as Laura aka X-23 logan, and has proven herself as a young actress who can inhabit strong and flexible characters. with logan Featuring intense action, she showed that she was able to handle physicality and engage in dynamic scenes that could transfer well to live-action. legend of Zelda,

Keane is also multilingual with an international background that addresses the diverse and expansive world of Hyrule, where characters from different backgrounds co-exist. Having embraced the superhero genre in previous roles, she becomes extremely comfortable transitioning into a fantasy setting with magical elements.

Patricia Somerset

Patricia Somerset in Transplant Season 2
cable TV

When considering who should step into the shoes of Princess Zelda, the spotlight falls on Patricia Somerset – An interesting option that has to do with the iconic character. Not only is she an experienced actress, but she is also the voice behind Princess Zelda in the video games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Her familiarity with the nuances of the character and her acting talent make her a perfect choice to bring the princess to life on the big screen.

His extensive experience in voicing the character has earned him praise for knowing the emotional depth of the character and all its essential characteristics. Somerset’s association with the character adds a layer of authenticity and continuity to the casting, giving fans a seamless transition from gaming to film. Reprising his role provides a unique opportunity to see the character in a new and fascinating dimension.

Thomasin McKenzie

Thomasin McKenzie in Life After Life

Last but not least on our list is genius Thomasin McKenzie, He is widely recognized for his outstanding performances in films such as leave no Trace And jojo rabbit, McKenzie has proven herself capable of embodying characters that demand emotional depth and complexity, like our beloved Princess Zelda. In jojo rabbitMcKenzie demonstrated her acting talents by playing the role of Elsa, a Jewish girl hidden by a German family during World War II.

As the film was a mix of satire and drama, he displayed his adaptability to different tones. McKenzie’s performance often shows maturity beyond her years, which enables her to connect emotionally with the audience, an important element in playing Princess Zelda.

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