10 before/after series kids that will shock you #season3

There is one thing that we adore in life, it is to plunge back with nostalgia into the childhood of series actors. Because between their innocent little faces that we saw in their first roles and today, there is a big difference. The proof.

Kiernan Shipka from madmen until today


© AMC, © Instagram account of Kiernan Shipka

Is the exact term shocking? We are not sure. On the other hand, what is certain is that Kiernan Shipka has come a long way since his time in madmen. The actress, who was the star of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, has grown well, well, well. And that is a fact that cannot be denied.

Ryan Reynolds at the time of Fifteen


© Nickelodeon, © Ryan Reynolds Insta Account

Yes, that little guy on the left is Ryan Reynolds when he was on the show. Fifteen. Today and several years later, let’s say he has a little more… beard? Yes that’s it.

Zendaya’s shake it up


© Disney Channel, © Zendaya Insta Account

More feminine, more assured, the before/after of Zendaya is wow. Nothing shocking, it’s just that the heroine of one of the most popular teen series of recent years – Euphoria – is like a good wine: it becomes even more sublime and stunning with time. Enough to be underlined.

Dylan Minnette Grey’s Anatomy


© ABC, © Dylan Minnette Insta Account

Before playing Clay in 13 Reasons WhyDylan Minnette made an appearance in another popular series: Grey’s Anatomy. From her childish, round face to a more alternative look and pink hair, there is a big difference.

Miley Cyrus at her debut in the series Doctor


© Peeblehut Productions, © Miley Cyrus Instagram

Before being Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus starred in her father’s series, Doctor, alongside another well-known head of the series: Tyler Posey. There is no denying the transformation of the actress/singer is… impressive!

Shia LaBeouf The Stevens’ War


© Disney Channel, © Shia LaBeouf Insta Account

We like to mention Shia LaBeouf in his period Stevens War. At the start of his puberty, the actor had curly hair and looked like a 5th grader, fitting with age! Today, change of course: big beard and less hair. Would you have recognized him?

Selena Gomez Barney until today


© Lyons Group, © Instagram account of Selena Gomez

Frankly, recognizing Selena Gomez is not that obvious. If we are used to his face today, his adorable child’s face is a little more unknown to us. Do we agree that Selena Gomez is still as beautiful as ever?

Tyler Posey in Doctor


© Peeblehut Productions, © Tyler Posey Instagram Account

In Doctoralongside Miley Cyrus, was Tyler Posey, the hero of the series Teen Wolf. Resolutely rock’n’roll and a little more tattooed, the actor today has nothing to do with himself younger.

Taylor Momsen in The Grinch


© Universal Pictures, © Taylor Momsen Instagram Account

Change of course of the series! Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey in gossip girlmade its ranges in particular in The Grinch. Aside from her attire required for the role, Taylor Momsen as a child has NOTHING TO DO with her adult version.

Alexander Gould in Weeds


© Lifetime, © Instagram account of Alexander Gould

Do you remember Shane Botwin in Weeds, the slightly deranged child of Nancy Botwin? Its actor, Alexander Gould, has since changed a lot… No?

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