10 Best Erotic Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

list of amazon prime video The film in Spain is packed with classics, hidden gems, cult films and blockbusters with a handful of awards in their showcase. But it also has its own shadows: in particular, 50, which is in line with the third installment about Christian and Anastasia, fifty Shades Freed,

EL James’s novels spawned one of the most famous trilogies of erotic cinema (although there was no major competition): Emmanuel, Perhaps). However, if someone removes it 50 shades Despite their popularity and the amount of professionalism with which Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman managed to save the day in three movies, you will notice that there is not much to say about them.

‘fifty Shades Freed’

So, and if you want to enjoy some more sophisticated sensuality than EL James, We invite you to take a look at these ten titles available on Amazon Prime Video,

‘Deep Waters’ (2022)

Adrian Lyne is one of the kings of this genre, which is logical if one dedicates himself full time to erotic cinema and also has enough talent so that his films do not side with vulgarity.

Still, it can happen deep water This is not the best example to talk about Lin’s mastery: his return after twenty years without directing was disappointing, especially when he had a cast led by the media and seductive duo that had formed at the time. ana de armas And ben affleck, But still, the film, based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel, is not entirely disastrous and contains some notable features.

Ana de Armas in ‘Deep Waters’
20th century studios

‘The Voyagers’ (2021)

Sydney Sweeney. The justification could end here, but let’s expand it in a few lines: The actress of Excitement In this film by Michael Mohan, he confines his apartment to the back window, through which he keeps an eye on his neighbor’s hectic sex life. However, if Hitchcock has taught us anything, it is that the observer can be discovered by what he observes, and that is usually the case.

‘Peace’ (2019)

Although his films aren’t exactly erotic, Hitchcock’s name pops up on this list again (and it won’t be the last time). CalmnessDirected by Steven Knight (peaky blinders) and starring Matthew McConaughey And Anne HathawayJeremy Strong, with a brief appearance by Kendall inheritance,

Knight collected some of the most superficial codas from Hitchcock’s universe, introduced them into a well-stocked cocktail shaker with the chemistry between McConaughey and Hathaway, and combined them into this fishing thriller (if such a genre exists). Mixed with debatable expertise, that shares the appeal with the growing traffic accident: staying away from the growing disaster has become a supernatural challenge.

‘Showgirls’ (1995)

In case you thought this was the most robotic and lifeless thing in filmography paul verhoeven Was robocopWait until you see Kyle MacLachlan’s sex scenes show girl, It bombed the Razzies, the critics trashed it, and some scenes (particularly the one in the pool) remain in the audience’s retinas like one of those specks of dust that no one can remove without success. Tries to remove.

Verhoeven was not impressed at all: he went to collect the Razzie and even gave a nice speech of thanks, perhaps aware that his film would eventually become a coveted title.

‘Last Tango in Paris’ (1972)

As the years have distanced us from it, Bertolucci’s tango has lost its strength and its then-revolutionary rhythms have become dull and banal. Furthermore, from what we have learned from Maria Schneider’s mouth about the scene that caused the Italian filmmaker to stumble.

However, it is a movie marlon brandon (It was released the same year Sainto), which already has enough recognition to enter any list. And, if one manages to ignore the psychological abuse the lead actress suffered during filming and focus on the film, it would be very difficult to affirm that, cinematically, this is not an interesting project.

‘Last Tango in Paris’

‘Lucia and Sex’ (2001)

Julio Medem has one erotic film per platform: on Netflix, he created his own room in Rome, and installed on amazon prime lucia and sex, The passion that lies in this title paz vega already Tristan Ulloa (Sometimes, literally) That’s reason enough to include it in the selection. However, if one manages not to be distracted by the frequent striptease and bed games throughout the footage, one will find a story that is worthwhile in its own right.

‘Lucia and sex’

‘Babylon’ (2022)

one moment. babylon, Erotic cinema? Damien Chazelle’s? The film which no one went to see at its premiere was slammed by the critics and suddenly that film became new. citizen Kane When did it hit the platform? He babylon,

Although it is true that it begins with a golden shower which is not difficult to recognize fatty arbuckleThe sexuality of this film is particularly affecting margot robbie, Her first appearance in front of the camera is probably one of the sexiest scenes of the last year. Probably, because the only breast we see is only on screen for one-tenth of a second.

‘Basic Instinct’ (1992)

second and third time respectively paul verhoeven And hitchcock In this list. Although Basic Instinct is synthesized into the most famous leg crossing in the history of cinema, it is the film’s fusion of catch a thief, vertigo, falsely accused And rear window with explicit sex, Something that could only be improved if, in the credits, Verhoeven lived up to the brazenness he would display years later show girlAnd would have been signed as Alfred Hitch-Cock.

‘basic Instinct’

‘Wounds’ (1992)

Roger Ebert said of him that “He is A film about sexuality, not sex”, which already speaks of a healing and a depth that goes beyond the epithelium. The man behind the camera was a handsome and generous director louis malle (Goodbye, boys and the elevator up to the loft) And in front of him, jeremy irons, juliet binoche And miranda richardson, So, they aren’t mediocre ingredients, and the final recipe meets expectations.

‘Crash’ (1996)

Known by some as “nice crash, David Cronenberg He told us in this film what only Formula 1 lovers knew: that there is nothing sexier than a car going at full speed. Cronenberg’s disturbing sexual vision focuses on two strangers whose lives intersect at virtually the same time: james spader (It may seem hard to believe now, but in the nineties he was the epitome of sensuality) and holly hunter,

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