10 foods with more fiber and fewer calories that you should include in your diet

No healthy diet can be without fibersince it is in charge of protecting us against different diseases. In addition, it also helps us to keep in weight. And it is that, on the one hand, it produces a feeling of satietywhile, on the other, some of the rich foods in this substance contain very few calories.

What is fiber and what is its function?

As indicated by the channel Youtube of Wikinutrition in one of his videos, the Dietary fiber either dietary is a part of the vegetables that, lacking enzymesI don’t know digests I don’t know absorbsso it doesn’t even go to the intestine nor to the blood. There are two types: the soluble (that which dissolves in water) and the insoluble (the one that does not dissolve in the Water).

Each of them has a different function within the organism. The Soluble fiber delays the absorption of carbohydrates and decreases that of the grease and the cholesterolwhile the insoluble favors the intestinal transit.

As explained from Mayo Clinica high diet in fiber normalizes the bowel movementskeeps the gut healthreduces the cholesterol levelshelps control the blood sugarreduces the chances of suffering cardiac diseases or cancer and helps maintain the weight.

In contrast, a diet low in fiber make us lack vitamins, promote constipationcause the appearance of diverticula in the colon and it has even come to be associated with a greater probability of suffering rectal cancer or of colon.

Foods that are high in fiber and low in calories

According to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2021it is recommended to take a day at least 25 grams fiber. This is found mainly in fruits, vegetables, legumes Y cereals and, as we said, some foods rich in this vegetable substance contain very few calories. We list them below according to the national nutrient database of the Agriculture department of USA.

The apple, rich in fiber (especially with skin)

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The fur of the fruit is the one with the highest concentration of fiber possesses and especially highlights that of the apple, which also has a significant amount of this natural substance inside. Every 100 g of apple (approximately half a piece), contains 2.4g of fiber and just 52 calories.

Lots of fiber and few calories: the raspberry

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Another fruit that stands out for its high contribution of fiber is the raspberryuntil 7g per 100. And its caloric content is not excessive either, just 53 calories for every 100 g. It is also rich in potassium Y calcium.

Take advantage of the fiber of the pear without fear of gaining weight

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If we eat it with skin, we will take up to 3.1g of fiber for every 100 of peara fruit that barely contains 51 calories. They are ideal for combating fluid retention being composed of a 80% water and also rich in potassium, vitamin C, folic acid either antioxidant elements.

Artichokes cannot be missing from your diet because of their fiber and low calories.

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Vegetables are also an important source of fiber. In the artichokesfor example, there are up to 5g for every 100 and only 47 calories. They also help lower cholesterol and improve our levels of blood sugar.

Another vegetable with a lot of fiber and that doesn’t get fat? broccoli

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Taking a serving of 100 g of broccoli we will ingest 2.6g of fiber and only 34 calories. This food also does not contain grease neither cholesterol and is very rich in protein and vitamins.

Peas, essential for their fiber and low calories

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About 100g of peas contain up to 5 fiber and just 81 calories. As if that were not enough, it is also an antioxidant food and is an important iron source.

Include fiber from beans in your diet

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Broad beans.PIXABAY

In addition to fight cholesterolthe broad beans stand out for their fiber content. In a ration of 100 g we will consume 8 and just 88 calories. They also stand out as a source of iron and vitamin C.

The fiber of whole grains will keep you from snacking between meals

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Whole grains.PIXABAY

Depends on the type of cerealbut on average comprehensive has up to 7g of fiber for every 100 and 265 calories. And it is that his seed is wrapped by a shell made up mostly of cellulosea fundamental component of the dietary fiber. An ideal breakfast to not snack between meals.

Rice, better integral to take more fiber and fewer calories

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100g of White rice only have 0.4g of fiberbut the amount goes up to 1.8 if we take it comprehensive. In addition, it only contains 111 caloriesso do not hesitate to integrate it into your diet.

Not just iron: lentils are also rich in fiber

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Until 8g of fiber contains a 100 g serving of lentilswhich only contain 116 calories. It is also a food rich in iron, calcium, potassium Y magnesium.

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