10 fun New Year’s games to enjoy with children

has he arrived new Year and you have small children at home? You can always take the opportunity to spend this day in family but playing with the children so that they have fun in a special way. They may prefer to play with the toys that Santa Claus brought them on Christmas Eve, but if you want to have laughter in the whole family, nothing like programming these 10 fun New Year’s games to enjoy with children.

New Year’s games to amuse children

Although January 1 is usually a fairly relaxed day, in which the New Year’s concert and the New Year’s meal they are the protagonists, you may want to spend the afternoon with the children, so there is nothing like offering them these games that are for the whole family.

Everybody dance

Prepare songs for everyone to dance and have fun. You can create a playlist on YouTube and stream it to your TV or PC. If you’re the active type, it could also be an opportunity to dance and burn off some of the calories you ingested the day before at dinner or lunch. You can mix nursery rhymes, which children will know by hearing them, and group dance songs.


This is a must-have New Year’s classic. Bingo is a game you may consider, however, when your child is already more inclined to sit up and pay attention. It is usually suitable for school-age children, because at preschool age keeping them still… becomes complicated.

the start field

Continuing with the theme of movement, to unleash your child’s energy, you could organize a home gym class or boot camp . Go under a high stool, somersault on the sofa, do four jumps on the floor, throw the ball and dunk into a trash can. It can also become a competition between several children, if there are any at home, and the prize… a sweet to recover from the gymnastic effort made.

the karaoke

We are sure that this idea will appeal not only to your child, but to the rest of the family. You can host a home karaoke session with a mix of songs. If you don’t have the equipment, it doesn’t matter: today both on YouTube and Spotify you can find karaoke songs of all kinds, you can broadcast them on your television if you have a Smart TV or on your computer and show everyone your singing skills. Singing all together is an experience that unites and entertains.

The cardboard of wishes and proposals

What will the new year bring us? From the oldest to the youngest, we are imbued with expectations and good intentions. Arm yourself with some thick construction paper and pretty colored markers and Create a wishes and resolutions poster with your child to hang. Together you can decide both dreams and good intentions. Above all, the latter’s poster will be useful to you later, to remind him of a promise made in the New Year and that must be respected during the year.

new year drawings

More than a game, it is a craft, but we are sure that your children will love sitting at the table on New Year’s Eve to make a nice drawing of the numbers 2023 and that they decorate them as they like or also, we can propose that they draw something that they want to do in this new year.

tennis match with a balloon

Balloons make everything more fun and colorful, but above all they invite you to fun activities that won’t destroy your house. How about a good game of balloon tennis? You will need one of the inflated balloons and two hard cardboard or even two cushions (the kind we usually have on sofas, if you don’t have the cardboard), and that’s it!

The bursting of the balloon

This activity always amuses children from the age of three (the little ones can be scared). So we can take a moment to pop the balloons we inflated on New Year’s Eve. The one who pops the most wins.

bowling match

No, there is no need to leave the house or even have a megagalactic room. You will be able to organize a bowling game at home in a normal living room. This activity is enjoyable both when you are all together at New Year’s and on other occasions as well.

You will need some paper cups (maybe the thicker ones and you can choose the colored ones), a sponge tennis ball (the soft ones) or a baby ball. Divide into teams, or each on their own: then the race begins. Who will score the most strikes of all?

If space is limited, you can opt for the variant of kneeling from the ground. The ideal place in the house? If you have a hallway this will become your perfect bowling alley.

the pampering game

Who doesn’t know this classic group game? It’s impossible not to have ever played it. You don’t need anything more than a little imagination. In the pampering game a theme is determined that can be movie titles, daily actions, animals (if the children are younger) and it is played as if we were mimes so that people guess what it is about. The one who guesses will be the next mime.

These are just some practical, easy, cheap and fun ideas to spend a pleasant day on January 1 with family or friends., where the main protagonists are your children. They will also have a lot of fun because all these games allow them to do something together and spend precious time having fun and being happy.

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