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Giving yourself 30 minutes a day to exercise, take a good rest, detox from social networks or set limits to protect our mental health, are some of the suggestions that doctors make to improve health during the new year.

A new year always brings with it new hope for what’s to come, as evidenced by the very concept of New Year’s resolutions such as Veganuary (going vegan for the first month of the year) and Dry January (cutting out alcohol for the first month of the year). month).

Also bringing its fair share of health and wellness trends, Cleveland Clinic specialists answer the ones they think deserve to be embraced in the new year.

  1. Embrace inclusive beauty products

You’ve probably heard of K-beauty – skincare and cosmetics that come from Korea and tout natural ingredients. In the new year, expect to see more makeup and skincare companies adopting ingredients, products, and strategies from around the world, says dermatologist Alok Vij.

2. Try a toner

The popular skin care product has received a major update. In the past, they were used to remove makeup residue and dirt, but their ingredients left skin feeling irritated and dry. The Cleveland Clinic specialist says that current toners are based on antioxidants, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and niacinamide and that they can help with rosacea, acne or hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.

3. Embrace exercise snacks

“An ‘exercise snack’ is 15 minutes of exercise twice a day for five days a week,” says endocrinologist Shirisha Avadhanula. It can be difficult to carve out time for movement and stick to the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. Distributing it that way can help.

4. Work with a health and wellness coach

Living healthier is a fairly common goal, but achieving it can be a struggle. Maybe you just need your own personal health coach to guide you on your wellness journey. Exercise physiologist Katie Lawton says that by 2023 she’d like to see more people take advantage of the expertise and energy that health coaches offer.

5. Use CBT-I techniques to sleep

If you’ve ever experienced a bout of insomnia, you’ve probably been looking for a quick and easy solution to sleep. Sleep specialist Marri Horvat says turning the tide may be in your best interest. Cognitive behavioral therapy designed specifically for insomnia has been shown to be the most effective way to address the sleep disorder.

6. Set healthy boundaries in your relationships.

If you feel taken advantage of, disrespected, or like your feelings don’t matter, make 2023 the year you set healthy boundaries in your relationships, says psychologist Chivonna Childs. “We need to set boundaries to protect our mental health, first and foremost. When we set boundaries, we teach people how to treat us.”

7. Clean up your social media feed

Behavioral health specialist Michael Manos says you can improve your relationship with social media now, before you have (another) terrible, horrible, bad, very bad year online. “Ask yourself: ‘How does this content contribute to my experience?’ Is it improving your mental health?” Doctor Manos advises. “If you’re not adding something that contributes to your daily life, or if you find it difficult to contribute to the online conversation in a positive way, it might be best to leave it.”

8. Focus on lifestyle and health, not rules and scales

It can be overwhelming to adopt a new diet or look for ways to be healthier. In the new year, dietitian Devon Peart encourages you to place less emphasis on labeling yourself as a certain type of eater. “When you’re not flexible in your eating style, you can be embarrassed or feel like you’re not good enough,” he says, like, ‘I didn’t do it right’ or ‘I couldn’t stick with it.’

9. Eat your adaptogens

You already know that different types of food and nutrients can affect your energy and well-being. In the new year, take advantage of this information by incorporating ingredients that can have a positive impact on your body’s response to stressors. Say hello to adaptogens, active ingredients in plants and fungi that can affect the way your body handles stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

10. When it comes to taking care of yourself, embrace “sprinkles of joy.”

Psychologist Grace Tworek believes that as self-care has become a cultural buzzword, it has also grown more intimidating. “Sometimes we build these things to be really big concepts,” says Dr. Tworek. She remembers: small steps make big progress, and a little joy can go a long way.

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