10 healthy foods that should not be missing from your diet

lead a life healthy basically consists of two essential principles, the first is the regular practice of exercises and second is the power to carry a nutritional regimen healthy and balanced, being the latter in which many people tend to get lost because they do not know what foods consume.

However, wearing a healthy nutrition It is not so complicated if you know which are the healthiest foods that exist, for this reason it is that this time we want to show our readers a list of healthy foods that cannot be missing in any kitchen.

10 healthy foods we should eat

It is worth noting that this list is made considering the properties and benefits that have been proven of said foods, however, it is always recommended to consult with health professionals, both a doctor and a nutritionist, before integrating any food to the menu. .


There is no better way to start this list than with one of the great protagonists of healthy eating.

Among the properties of garlic, its high level of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and sulfur stands out, among many other properties.

garlic, superfood
garlic, superfood


This is a food similar to garlic, as well as being an essential ingredient in gastronomy anywhere in the world.

Among the benefits of eating onions we have the control of hypertension and cholesterol, reducing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.


This is an extremely healthy fruit, characterized by the presence of monounsaturated fats and its high level of potassium, which considerably benefits cardiovascular health and protects the functioning of the heart.

Avocado properties
Avocado Properties


Beetroot or betabel represents a great source of iron and contains a large amount of antioxidants, which help prevent anemia and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as protect cells from the effects of free radicals.


To be healthy and agile like rabbits, we should regularly consume carrots, especially because it contains a large amount of vitamin A and its high level of carotenoids.

carrots rich in vitamin KEggs

Despite the fact that for a long time it was thought that it could affect cholesterol levels, today the egg is included in the list of the healthiest foods that exist, highlighting the presence of essential amino acids and its high protein content.


Green foods are always healthy, however in the case of chard we can find vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C, in addition to exerting an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.


These are another source of healthy fats that exist, helping to protect the functioning of the cardiovascular system and contributing to body weight control.


All healthy food should contain fish and especially the so-called oily fish, of which salmon is the king.

This fish contains a wide variety of nutrients, however it is characterized by its high content of omega 3, which helps maintain the digestive system and the cardiovascular system.

Toast with avocado and salmon
Toast with avocado and salmon

Lean meat

When it comes to integrating meat into the menu, the best option is lean meat, which contains a large amount of protein, as well as vitamins such as group B and minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and iron.

We should also drink water

Although for many water is not a food, it is an essential element in our menu, because it helps maintain the functioning of the body, without it life would not be possible and we would do nothing with consuming healthy foods.

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