10 horror movies on Netflix to live a scary October

One of the best Netflix movies if you want to be scared is Annihilation. Natalie Portman is the protagonist of this science fiction and horror film and follows a scientist who joins the expedition to an area cordoned off by the United States government. Portman will play a biologist, Lena, who will dive right in to inspect zone X with a territory in which all kinds of mysterious creatures will appear and from which no one has returned alive. A two-hour film based on the book with which it shares its name and with which we will spend a movie session of fear and terror glued to the sofa.

Watch Annihilation on Netflix

The hole

“The hole” is one of the horror movies that we can watch on Netflix, a national production in which the protagonist will wake up locked in a cell. In an hour and a half, we will be infected with the instinct of survival and the mystery of this film that puts us in a cell in which the inmates are organized vertically by levels: each level only receives the food that the inmates of the upper levels have left. Hardly anything gets to those on the bottom and rebellion seems inevitable in this thriller starring Iván Massagué.

Watch The Hole on Netflix


If you want a scary movie marathon, Rec’s is one of the best. All the movies in the saga are available on Netflix. The film released in 2007 in Spain tells us how a young reporter follow a fire crew to show his performance live after the call of an old woman who has been locked up. But this call to the firemen will lead to one of the most terrifying reports on television and one of the most popular scary movies in Spain. Since its premiere in 2007 there have been many that have come after. Movies directed by Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró that have become essential in Spanish horror cinema and that we can watch on Netflix if you want to spend a spooky Halloween weekend with friends or alone.

Watch Rec 1 on Netflix

Watch Rec 2 on Netflix

Watch Rec 3 on Netflix

Watch Rec 4 on Netflix


chucky saga

Another of the sagas that we can see on Halloween if we look for horror movies, is that of the Devil doll. Although we cannot see the first one and the original, we can see the rest of the Chucky movies on Netflix. The diabolical doll was born in the late eighties and has appeared in all kinds of movies, cartoons, etc. An adorable doll that can become a serial killer.

Although the former is not available on the Red Hastings platform, yes we can see some of the sequels Released from 1990.

Watch Seed of Chucky on Netflix

Watch The Curse of Chucky on Netflix


in the tall grass

You will feel anguish and claustrophobia with “In the tall grass”, a scary movie on Netflix based on the novel by Stephen King. One of the most distressing films that we can see on the streaming platform and that tells us how a group of people will walk into a field of tall grass and they won’t get out of it. Becky and Cal will enter it after listening to a boy who asks for help but it will be difficult to escape in a science fiction, horror, anguish movie.

Watch In the Tall Grass on Netflix


Eli is an eleven year old boy. he is sick with an allergy to practically everything what surrounds you. can’t touch the water or could even die. Live away from any danger, isolated from everything. But to try to solve his illness, he will be interested in a clinic where he will undergo an experimental treatment in a horror and suspense movie with all the elements that will make us glue ourselves to the sofa wondering what will happen after a dark scene.

Watch Eli on Netflix

army of dead

Army of the Dead premiered in 2021 on Netflix as a zombie heist movie. Far from the terror or suspense of others on this list, it is an option if you are looking for a simpler movie but full of zombies, quarantines, and action. timed action in a movie in which a group of mercenaries will enter a quarantine zone for a spectacular heist after a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.

Watch Army of the Dead on Netflix

Monster House

To enjoy family frights we can see Monster House, a film released more than ten years ago but that promises us a good family movie session full of intrigue, suspense and mystery. Three friends want to be brave enough to bring to light all the secrets and horrors of an empty neighborhood house in a chilling adventure for everyone.

Watch Monster House on Netflix

the addams family

Like the previous one, a good option to see with the family. We all know the characters of one of the scariest families on tv and they are usually inspiration in Halloween. Released in 2019, this modern take on the ghoulish family follows their day-to-day when a reality show host is able to change her quiet and gloomy routine.

Watch The Addams Family on Netflix

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