10 ideas of trendy looks for a summer in the city

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    Perhaps you have noticed because of the great rise in temperatures, or because of the number of ‘shorts’ and miniskirts that we see on the street, or because even tourists have stopped combining socks with sandals, but summer has arrived early. Just when we had our wardrobe assembled with all the spring ‘looks’ and outfits to go to the festival, summer comes and turns everything upside down. There are few days left for us to combine ‘cowboy’ boots with ‘boho’ dresses and if you live in a city, Dressing as a ‘coconut girl’ is not a very plausible option either. If you have planned some ‘staycations’, you have to go to the office or you are going to travel to a city in July and August, you are probably giving more than one thought to what you are going to put in the suitcase to be beautiful, comfortable and not spend too much hot, right? Don’t worry, we have been in the same situation and that is why we have created the perfect guide for you.

    In general, summer clothing is designed for beach locations or for more typically vacation locations, such as the countryside or rural. The crochet garments, the ‘boho’ dresses, the flip-flops, the miniskirts with micro tops that look like bikini bras… With this we do not mean that all these garments cannot be worn in a city, but it is true that they hit a little less. If ‘street style’ stars like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski or Elsa Hosk have taught us anything, the city still requires a minimum ‘dress code’ and those of shirts, cycling shorts, ‘bodycon’ dresses and sneakers help us enormously to fulfill it. It is also important to have a suit vest, loafers or platform sandals on hand, in case a more formal event arises that requires it; in the same way that we cannot forget sunglasses, anklets and bags in bright colors to remind us that it is summer. Do we give you some ideas to prepare your summer outfits? So here are our 10 proposals for ‘looks’ so that you combine all the trends and continue dressing beautiful, comfortable and fresh in the city.

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There is nothing we like more than an ‘off duty look’ in New York by Miss Bella Hadid. The supermodel is always a good bet when it comes to copying outfits as she keeps them very simple. For example, to nail this ‘Y2K aesthetic’ look, all you have to do is mix a retro track jacket with short leggings and white sneakers. The accessories make the difference: the high socks, the oval sunglasses and the ribbon in the hair.

When you bet on trends as strong as combining pink and green, the hard part is not getting it right. But if you also choose clothes as fashionable as boxer shorts or an oval bag, you get the outstanding of fashion experts. To frame the waist, take note and tie a wide knot and if you are looking for a shoe that makes you look slimmer, choose wide-leg boots like the ones in the photo. Also, fluorine green will make you look more brunette.


The ‘old money aesthetic’

Dressing like you’re summering in the Hamptons is the latest trend on TikTok. It’s called the ‘old money aesthetic’ and it’s made up of timeless white shirts, sailor sweaters draped over the shoulders, loafers and fine jewelry. That is, delicate chains, hoop earrings or simple pearls and analog watches with leather or steel straps. To complete your ‘looks’, go for brand bags and in neutral colors such as white, beige or black.


The most feminine ‘kidcore’

The ‘kidcore aesthetic’ is the most ‘it’ trend of the summer and we can’t stop seeing it in the ‘centennials’. But if you are looking for a more elevated way to wear it, especially for the city, we offer you its more feminine version. Choose a semi-transparent pink blouse (better if it has ruffles), add a lace bralette in the same tone and add a long denim skirt so that it is not too ‘sexy’. The innocent touch is provided by the matching pink bowknot braids.


‘Streetwear’ and daring

For girls who like streetwear style, summer can be difficult. Mainly because the heat complicates wearing oversize sweatshirts or bomber jackets. A good replacement is the ‘cargo’ style skirts, which add that urban touch to any outfit and that, combined with good sneakers, give a lot of vibes. Add a 2000s-style lingerie top and some nice earrings to complete the retro inspiration.

Men’s clothing can be a lifesaver in the city. They make it very easy for us to dress simple and elegant and they are loose enough so that we do not spend more heat than necessary. Take note of Irina Shayk and wear your white shirt slightly unbuttoned to reveal the bra and add a feminine touch. for the bottom, you can add a boxer shorts or satin shorts with a pair of Birkenstock-style buckled sandals. As unisex as possible.

Dressing well to go to the office can be a challenge in summer. In order not to make a mistake with your bet and to continue dressing youthful, our recommendation is that you opt for a ‘total denim look’, such as this shirt with puffed sleeves and an ‘A’ miniskirt. The touch that makes the difference is the leopard-print oval bag and the mules, which make them perfect for going to ‘after work’.


The summer mini dress

The white mini dress is to summer what the black mini dress is to winter; It helps us to enhance the tan and is the perfect base to add clothes and accessories in all the trending colors of 2022. Emily Ratajkowski has it clear; She combines hers with white sneakers and an orange shoulder bag, the ‘trendy’ color par excellence this summer, to walk her baby around the city. To complete the ‘celebrity’ look, she adds her infallible sunglasses and a green cap that adds a touch of color.

The ‘preppy’ style is synonymous with dressing well and especially youthful dress. That’s why it’s one of our ‘fav’ options for a summer in the city. Choose blouses and dresses with ‘bobo’ necks and puffed sleeves and you’ll have half the ‘look’ done. Add a model of fine sneakers if you are going to go sightseeing and tie a fine knit sweater around your waist in case the temperatures drop at night. To finish, add a small shoulder bag with an elegant design and black sunglasses. The classics are your allies.

If it’s hard for you to go unnoticed and yours are the cool ‘looks’, we suggest you replicate this style. Combine an original graphic t-shirt with a midi skirt with a daring design, but keeping the same range of colors (for example, white). Add some orange sandals to add that touch of trendy color and add a mini handbag. Perfect for having a cocktail on a terrace or taking the coolest vacation photos.

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