10 items to celebrate Batman Day like a true fan

This year Batman turns 83 years old and to celebrate the Dark Knight as he deserves, we are going to show you 10 items that you should add to your collection and surprise your friends every time you see them.

DC Comics superheroes continue to have a great weight in pop culture around the world, simply blockbusters like Black Adam, Flash (with everything and the controversies of Ezra Miller) or Aquaman 2They could become box office hits. And precisely this September 17, Batman Day takes place where the 83 years of the Dark Knight will be celebrated.

And if something characterizes the character that has been played by Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton and many more, it is his multiple tools and artifacts that he carries with him on each of his missions, so we are going to share them with you. 10 items that every Batman fan should have in their room to honor the work of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, creators of this iconic superhero.

Blu-ray of ‘The Batman’

Let’s start with the basics: a blu ray of The Batman, a film with which Matt Reeves, Robert PattinsonZoë Kravitz and Paul Dano revived the image of the Bat Detective on the big screen.

Funko Pop! by Batsi

Of course you can not miss a Funko Pop! of the Knight of the Night. Let’s just say there are priorities and this collectible should already be waiting for you on your shelf.


can you imagine Batman without its compartments? Each of his missions would become even more difficult or turn out to be disastrous, almost as we saw in the version of Robert Pattinson. That is why we suggest that you make yourself a batimochila and not leave anything in the way.

basic suit

You can’t go out on the street and say you’re a Knight of the night without even protecting your identity, so it is vitally important that you consider a basic suit.


We are not going to deny it: a true fan of Batman will always welcome a stroller pack like this one that includes a version of the Joker carBatcycle and Adam West’s Batmobile.

Bat wallet and bat watch

If George Clooney’s version of Batman had a bat credit card, why not think of a bat wallet and watch to match? Well, here we present an option for you to put together your kit.

Robert Pattinson’s Batcycle

Do you remember the powerful motorbike that the version of Robert Pattinson in batman? We present the remote control version.

Coffee in the morning Gothic style

Who said you can’t drink coffee without losing your style? Batman? That is why this mug will transport you to Gotham City from the first sip.

Bat-Tec figure

We love the infinity of costumes of the Dark Knightbut few compare to Bat-Tech, especially for its color combination that makes this collector’s item a coveted item.

bat shirt

Now yes! All you need is a shirt to go out with your friends and family. Here we give you an example, but you can wear the one you like best and voila, now you are a fan of red bone that exudes style.

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