10 Movies About Brutal Natural Disasters You Have To See

There’s a lot movies about natural disasters that remind us of a very important reality: we cannot do anything against the power of nature and if we do not take care of it, it can destroy us.

We like to think that we own this planet, that we can do with it what we want and that we will not have consequences, but, from time to time, things happen that remind us that this is not the case. Of course there are incredible and extraordinary things, but there are also catastrophes and disasters that remind us that we must take care of the only place in the universe in which we can live, at least for now.

Thinking about this, many directors have dedicated themselves to creating great stories and movies that are based on real events or propose some cases of fiction, where all the power of nature and its ability to destroy everything in its path are shown.

They are brutal stories, but they are also full of hope and give us a powerful message about what we have to do to prevent these events from repeating themselves or from happening.

10 movies about brutal natural disasters that you have to see:

The Impossible – HBO Max


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Based on a true story, this film with Naomi Watts, Tom Holland and Ewan McGregor it took home an Oscar nomination for Watts’ performance. The story follows a family that travels to Thailand to spend a vacation, but there they have to live the brutal tsunami of 2004, which left thousands dead, injured and missing. In the midst of the chaos, the family, who is separated, must fight to find each other and get back home.

Twister – Star+


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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