10 Questions We Have for The Last of Us Season 2

The Last of Us: Season 2 It’s still over a year away from hitting the screens, but we’re already vying for every bit of information about new developments in the series. Luckily, several stars have already been confirmed, and a story map provided by Part II of the video game already provided us with a lot of useful information on the upcoming season of the zombie apocalypse series on Max from showrunner Craig Mazin. Has been.

Season 1 of the series provided plenty of action, and left the story on an upbeat note as Joel (peter pascal) made the fateful decision to save Ellie (bella ramsey) from a fatal surgery. It saved the young girl’s life – but it may have cost the world a chance to cure her Cordyceps the outbreak. Part II of the video game reveals that the decision may come back to haunt Joel, but Mazin maintains creative license to allow the show to deviate from the game. How much he uses that license will likely be answered early in Season 2.

Ten burning questions we have while we wait The Last of Us: Season 2.

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When will filming start on season two?

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Following the conclusion of the SAG-AFTRA strike, the series is slowly gaining development momentum again, but Max has yet to reveal exact dates for shooting – other than to say it will take place in January 2024. That may change, because Pedro Pascal has signed to Marvel Fantastic FourThe shooting of which will also take place next year. Naturally, The Mandalorian Fans are worried about potentially losing Pascal to another project, but it appears he’ll still be able to continue his work the last of us The coming year will be very busy.

Why Pascal’s Fantastic Four Casting Won’t Potentially Affect Season 2

Pascal will play the role of Reed Richards in Fantastic FourThe filming of which will start in 2024. However, this wouldn’t be an issue if Joel’s character the last of us Tracks with Part II of the video game – which suggests he won’t need much time for shooting.

How close will this season be to Part II of the video game?

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Despite working closely with Neil Druckmann, who created and directed the video games, Craig Mazin has the autonomy to change the story as it best suits the series. still, the last of us It is known for being closer to the video game than other game-to-screen adaptations. Mazin has stated that he plans to hit all of the major plot points of the video game, so he expects many of the same characters from Part II to appear in the show.

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Where will season 2 take place?

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Bella Ramsey will return to Vancouver with Pedro Pascal deadline, where much of the second season will be filmed. Like the first season, which was filmed entirely in Canada, the remainder of the story will likely take place in the Pacific Northwest. This isn’t much of a hoax, as the story and locations are essentially in the same area, although Canadian tax incentives will keep the crew north of the border.

Part II of the video game suggests where Joel and Ellie will travel to?

Most of the video game Part II takes place in Seattle, which is an easy replacement for Vancouver. In Washington, new militias will emerge, and Joel’s brother Tommy will travel there with Ellie to seek revenge against Abby.

Who are the Rattlers?

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The Fireflies become Joel and Ellie’s biggest rivals in Season 1, in addition to being zombie-like Clickers. A new enemy, the Rattlers, will become an opposing force as Abby and Ellie head out to Wyoming again as the character is introduced in the series.

When will Ely face the Rattlers?

At some point during Season 2, Abby and Lev will travel to Santa Barbara in search of the remaining Fireflies. It turns out to be Rattler territory, and when Ellie follows Abby southward, she quickly discovers that the group is using the stray survivors as slaves, and has taken over the area. Is.

When will season two premiere?

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No official release date has been set, but signs are pointing towards spring 2025. With the strike out of the way and the show’s shooting schedule potentially beginning in January 2024, Max will likely stay on track and season 2 will be ready. End of next year. As for the most anticipated season premiere of Max, they won’t want to keep viewers waiting too long.

Which actors are returning?

Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller wearing a green shirt with some trees and a sunset in the background in The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have already been confirmed, but details about the rest of the season 2 cast remain vague. We know that Joel’s brother Tommy, played by Gabriel Luna, will have a much bigger presence in the second season, but otherwise there will be a largely different cast. Main characters from Part II of the game, such as Abby and Dinah, will strengthen the story with new subplots that look away from Joel and Ellie’s past.

Is Bella Ramsey Age Appropriate for Ellie in Season 2?

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At the time of Season 1, Bella Ramsey was 17 and playing a 14-year-old character. The second season is set 5 years later, with the now 20-year-old Ramsey around his character’s age. Since her influential portrayal of Lyanna Mormont, Ramsey has always had a poise beyond her years game of ThronesSo playing an adult role shouldn’t be too big a reach.

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Who will play Abby?


While Craig Mazin has confirmed that the character of Abby has already been cast, there are rumors that Kaitlyn Dever will play the role – rumors. This was originally reported by forbes That the final casting decision came down to two actors, with the most solid rumors pointing towards Dever and Australian actress Shannon Berry. Both bear a striking resemblance to the video game Abby, but the fact that Mazin follows Dever on Instagram has led many internet sleuths to believe that she has indeed secured the role.

Why will Abby’s character be so integral in Season 2?

In Part II of the video game, Abby is saved from a horde of infected people by Joel and his younger brother Tommy while living in Jackson, Wyoming. Turns out, Abby’s father was the Firefly surgeon whom Joel kills in Part I. In the game, Abby gets her revenge and escapes to Seattle. Eventually, Tommy, Ellie and his girlfriend Dinah travel to Seattle to find the Abbey, where two warring factions, the Washington Liberation Front and the Seraphites, battle for control of the city.

Which characters might be killed off in season two?

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We mentioned Mazin’s willingness to deviate from the video game story when it benefits the series, something he did on several occasions in the first season. Still, the show is remarkably similar to the game, killing off a much-beloved character in its second installment whose name rhymes with coal – shocking fans. Speaking with Josh Horowitz on an episode of happy sad confused Podcast, Mazin did not make any concrete announcements either way and said, “(A) Anytime you’re adapting something where there’s source material, there’s definitely an expectation that the adaptation will affect key source material points. Will do and that’s what happens most of the time.”

Why don’t we expect Pedro Pascal’s character to survive in Season 2?

Mazin has shown no remorse over killing off main characters, no matter how much fans of the show become attached to them. In Season 1, he did the same with Tess (Anna Torv), who gives a clicker a fungal French kiss before blowing up herself and a swarming army of mushroom corpses to save Joel and Ellie. We can only hope that, if Mazin does follow the video game’s story, he expands the timeline enough to maximize Pascal’s role in Season 2, as early on in the video game’s second installment Within minutes Joel is killed.

Are the showrunners planning a third season?

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If the show continues to perform well, all signs are pointing towards the production of a third season. Mazin confirmed this and said deadline “There’s still more story, so the show won’t end with Season 2 until people watch it, and we’ll be canceled.” Although Part 3 of the video game has not yet debuted, creator Neil Druckmann still plans to make it a priority for his Naughty Dog Game studio. Druckmann would like to get the game out as soon as possible, he told buzzfeed “I think there’s more story to tell,” while promising not to get into it. game of Thrones Issue (where the television show goes beyond the source material).

Max has proven his willingness to wait several years, if necessary, to continue the series. Even the famously truncated David Simon series Wire Completed 5 seasons on HBO. This is all very promising news for fans of the last of usWho should expect at least a third season.

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