10 recent, great movies that no one has seen


  • Some notable films can fly under the radar and earn immense critical praise, even without recognizable characters or big stars.
  • Recent examples prove that any story, be it a rom-com or a foreign musical, has the potential to be a great film if told with skill and invention.
  • Taking a chance on a relatively unknown film can pay off hugely, as shown by some of the best films of the last two years that weren’t expected to much.

Not every great film arrives with fanfare, some remain in the headlines until people are forced to take notice. In the current cultural landscape, most of the movies that get people excited are sequels, especially those that are part of long-running franchises. But focusing only on blockbusters may mean missing out on some word-of-mouth hits that earn immense critical praise. If a film doesn’t have recognizable characters or a big star on the poster, it has to do something special to be successful. This means that some filmmakers are forced to push the boundaries of their creativity, and they create some remarkable films that no one could have seen coming.

The past few years have seen a comeback in theaters following the pandemic-induced lockdown, but it’s not just big franchises that are getting people into seats. Any story has the potential to be a great film if told with skill and invention. There are many recent examples that provide this. Whether it’s old romantic comedies or exotic musicals, great movies can arise from unexpected sources. Even some of the best films of the last two years weren’t expected to be that high, but this shows that taking a risk on a relatively unknown film can pay off big.

10 Below

Director Emma Seligman

Rachel Sennott and Ayo Adebiri in bottoms.

like more violent book smartNo interest in books.

Below is a weird version of many similar teen comedies, but Rachel Sennott and Ayo Adebiri’s electric comedy dynamic means it’s much more than that. like more violent book smartNo interest in books, Below It involves two lovable losers who aspire to the pinnacle of high school popularity, but find themselves helplessly adrift. It’s a fairly typical set-up for a high school comedy, but the characters are certainly unusual. They start a fight club to get the cheerleaders’ attention. Below Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch’s surprising comedy is fueled by a healthy dose of chops and explosions.

9 no one will save you

Director Brian Duffield

no one will save you

release date
22 September 2023

brian duffield

Kaitlyn Dever

horror, science fiction

Brian Duffield’s sci-fi horror mashup accomplishes a lot with a central character and a very, very long night. Kaitlyn Dever shines as Brianna, a social recluse who is obsessed with her creative hobbies until aliens start invading her home. Except for one giant arachnid, the aliens mostly resemble the stereotypical big-eyed variety, but this familiarity is given one twist after another as Brianna fights for her life. The twangy string music and largely wordless atmosphere heighten the tension, but the truth is that Dever does most of the heavy lifting. end of no one will save you Provides a stark contrast to the rest of the film, finally allowing enough time to take a deep breath.

8 Rye Lane

raine alan miller

David Johnson and Vivian Oprah in Rye Lane

Rye Lane

release date
31 March 2023

raine alan miller

Alice Hewkin, David Jonsson, Simon Manyonda, Munya Chawawa, Vivian Oprah, Karen Peter, George Taylor

comedy, drama, romance

The rom-com is alive and well, and it’s living in South London. Rye Lane It tells the story of two newly single strangers who spend an afternoon together, trying to ignore their own chaotic lives by discovering each other. The dialogue moves seamlessly from hilarious one-liners to philosophical musings on life, but the film has an overarching cinematic visual style. Rye LaneThe two main characters practically dance around the screen, their boldly colored costumes acting like broad brushes on a canvas, and their chemistry mirrors this expressive motion. Rye Lane It owes its name to the classic British rom-com, but it’s so confident and charming that it stands out in its own right.

7 Smile

director parker finn

Sosie Bacon in Smile.


release date
30 September 2022

parker finn

Sosie Bacon, Jessie T. Usher, Kyle Gallner, Robin Weigert, Caitlin Stacey, Kal Penn, Rob Morgan


Smile It tells the story of a psychiatrist afflicted by an evil curse. This concept may seem quite derivative, but Smile’Its execution is almost sadistic in its efficacy. Every crooked camera angle and jagged jump scare, though it’s certainly been done before, hits its intended target. Director Parker Finn explores the malevolent nature of the psychopath with a smile. The fear is not just that some parasitic force is coming in, but the fear is that it enjoys hunting. It’s not easy for a horror film to distinguish itself like this Smile You’ve done it, especially without big names, but a powerful base and unwavering belief can go a long way.

6 All Quiet on the Western Front

Director Edward Berger

Paul looks shocked in All Quiet on the Western Front.

Erich Maria Remarque’s World War I novel provided the basis for the first two films, but Netflix made the first German-language adaptation. The result is an extremely powerful anti-war film, full of brutal violence. All Quiet on the Western Front Made some changes to the book, but remained mostly faithful to the text. Remarque was drafted to fight in World War I, and because of this authenticity the film’s horrific depiction of war achieves a startling depth. The cinematography is stunning, as is the performance of Felix Camerer, playing a wide-eyed German teen thrust into the middle of the chaos.

5 Sisu

Director Jalmari Helander

Jorma Tomila as Atami Korpi in SISU


release date
28 April 2023

Jalmari Helander

Jorma Tomila, Axel Henie, Jack Doolan, Mimosa Vilamo, Onni Tomila

action, war

Sisu Follows a Finnish prospector during World War II who must battle a group of German soldiers to get his gold back. The action is brilliantly brutal, with colors john wick, And Sisu Enjoys devising new ways to kill Nazis. It’s rare for a war movie to be this much fun. Instead of being troubled and depressed by the cruelty of war, Sisu Invents a fantasy where a man walks in and destroys the entire operation. Its righteous anger is a refreshing departure from the norm. War films are often judged by their historical accuracy, but Sisu Deserve appreciation on your own terms.

4 everything everywhere at once

Directors Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

everything everywhere at once

release date
25 March 2022

Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

Jenny Slate, Ke Hui Kwan, Stephanie Hsu, Harry Shum Jr., Jamie Lee Curtis, James Hong, Michelle Yeoh

Adventure, Comedy, Action

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert had already shown their talent for the absurd with Swiss Army Man, a dark comedy in which a man uses a corpse to find his way out of the woods, but it did little to suggest that Little was known that his next feature film Collaboration would win seven Academy Awards. everything everywhere at once An elaborate surrealist piece with absurdist humor that serves a purpose. in every universe everything everywhere at once Creates a new set of rules that somehow add up to a coherent and deeply moving story. The central thread is never lost, not even when everyone has sausages for fingers.

3 fire of love

Directed by Sara Dosa

Katya and Maurice Craft in front of the lava wall in the fire of love.

The scenes are as jaw-dropping as could be imagined in Hollywood, especially when Maurice takes a special boat out onto a lake of lava.

Katia and Maurice Kraft were two intrepid French scientists who traveled the world together chasing volcanic eruptions, and fire of love There is a beautiful documentary depicting their relationship. The scenes are as thrilling as anything seen in Hollywood, especially when Maurice takes a special boat out onto a lake of lava, but the swirling hell serves only as a backdrop to an unforgettable love story. fire of love This isn’t a documentary about volcanoes, it’s about two people who had such a passion that they let it kill them. The description is sparse and poetic, often falling silent in moments that are too much for words.


Director SS Rajamouli

Bheem and Raju dancing on Naatu Naatu in RRR


release date
24 March 2022

SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli, Ram Charan, NT Rama Rao Jr., Ajay Devgan, Alia Bhatt, Ray Stevenson

An Indian film has to go through a lot to gain popularity in the West, and RRR There’s definitely a lot. Its mountain of exaggerated decadence includes a prison escape, plenty of spectacular dance numbers, and even A scene where a man throws a leotard at someone like a projectile weapon. RRR Somehow, every corner of its joyous madness is included within a radical anti-imperialist drama. It’s a feast for the senses from beginning to end, but RRRThe incredible ending proves that it can balance contemporary entertainment with emotional storytelling. Action scenes sometimes stick to their own unique laws of physics, but RRRIt’s hard to resist the infectious enthusiasm of.

1 cocaine bear

Director Elizabeth Banks

cocaine bear

release date
24 February 2023

elizabeth banks

Ray Liotta, Alden Ehrenreich, Christian Convery, Scott Cise, Margo Martindale, Keri Russell, Kaehyun Kim, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Brooklynn Prince

comedy, thriller

cocaine bear More than just a deliberately offensive title and a wacky B-movie premise, this is one of the best comedies of the last decade. Amidst the division of organs and evictions, cocaine bear It tells a heartwarming story of family, in which a mother overcomes obstacles to search for her missing daughter. With the help of a stellar cast, director Elizabeth Banks manages to keep the party going long after the novelty has worn off. It is a testament to its success that it is in demand cocaine bear 2When one movie should have been enough to satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

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