10 things that can cause an asthma attack and how to act if you suffer from it

If you have been diagnosed with this disorder, you should keep in mind that there are some factors Due to which the condition of asthma may worsen or asthma attacks may occur.

Although this can be a painful moment, the main thing to remember when experiencing an asthma attack is keep calm, Since the only consequence of panic will be that breathing will become more difficult.

Every asthma patient should always carry his/her medicine with him/her, considering that the crisis does not depend on place or time. If medicine is available, the first thing is inhale bronchodilators To relax the muscles and open the airways, allowing air passage better.

apply breathing techniques It helps to expand the chest and breathe better. To complete these it is important to rest and remain seated comfortably so that the rib cage can open properly.

Even if this is not available or if it is not effective, it is advisable to call the emergency number (112) and request assistance. The affected person must live in a Ventilated, smoke free and seating area By tilting the body slightly forward. If any clothes you are wearing are tight, they should be removed. It is not advisable to take medicine which has not been determined, Because the symptoms may worsen.

That said, it is advisable to be careful about all conditions that can trigger an asthma attack. They are the following:

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