10 times Zendaya looked incredible with short hair

When it comes to celebrity hair chameleons who can pull off almost any style under the sun, Zendaya tops the list. From her platinum blonde pixie to her shoulder-touching lob, the actress never disappoints — especially when it comes to short hair.

Whether sporting her natural curls or wearing a wig, Zendaya always puts her own unique stamp on a look, making it ripe for inspiration.

meet the expert

  • Kim Kimble is a celebrity hair stylist who works with Zendaya.
  • Ursula Stephen is a celebrity stylist who also works with Zendaya.

Here, we highlight 10 of our favorite short hairstyles that Zendaya wears with ease.

bob with micro bangs

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Zendaya and her hair stylist (she has a few hair stylists on speed dial) often change up her hairstyle with the help of wigs. Celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble, who works with Zendaya, says that wigs from her Kim Kimble Hair Collection by Hairwear collection for textured hair allow her to quickly transform Zendaya’s hair into a shorter style. “Even though Zendaya recently cut her hair, one thing about her is that she’s a fashionable person and will do creative things with her hair,” says Kimble. Here, she wears a dark red wig, with micro bangs that fall halfway down her forehead and a crimp-meets-curl style throughout.

smooth and smooth back

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To create this sleek, ultra-sophisticated short look, Kimble rolled Zendaya’s hair and pinned it up and back to give the illusion of shorter hair. When Zendaya moves her hair out of her face, it shows off her beautiful bone structure and chiseled jaw line. Often, when an actress’s hair appears short, it is actually some expert styling that creates the appearance of short hair.

wavy, tousled bob

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Never one to go fundamentally thin, Zendaya’s long, voluminous bangs and wavy, choppy bob show off the perfect amount of shiny shaggyness for a cool-girl aesthetic. Celebrity stylist Ursula Stephan, who often styles Zendaya’s hair, likes to use everything from clip-in pieces and wigs to extensions to take Zendaya’s hair from short to long. “To hide Zendaya’s hair when she wears hairpieces, I use cornrows, also known as a braid down, which is a braiding technique used to hide natural hair beneath a wig,” says Stephen. Is.”

Side-swept red ‘do

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Not all of Zendaya’s short hairstyles are too short. She often wears slightly longer styles, like her copper red lob look, which suits her great. Her hair is blow-dried sleek and smooth, with a deep side part and a modern-style flip at the ends, which adds fun to the straight style.

soft, romantic curls

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Here, Zendaya wears her hair super soft and styles it into pin curls with a deep side part. Tendrils are left loose on one side, while the other side features a ribbon of curls positioned just above her eye and swept down her face for a cute yet unexpected look. “One of my favorite styling products to use on Zendaya’s hair is LivingProof Curl Defining Gel ($32),” shares Stephen. “It’s light and holds her hair in place without causing crunch. “This is my go-to whenever we decide to do a more textured look.”

tight, fair and shredded

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Zendaya is one of those lucky ladies who can rock any short hairstyle — no matter how close-cropped — and any hair color, including super blonde shades. “She looks great with short pixie cuts and bobs that highlight her bone structure and face,” says Kimble. “Honestly, all hairstyles look good on her.”

retro waves

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A retro, ’40s-inspired hairstyle with finger waves looks great on Zendaya. But what not? According to Stephen, the star’s beautiful neckline allows her to wear short cropped hairstyles so beautifully. “I think her neck gives her room to go as short or as long as she wants. “He has options to play.”

classic pixie

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Here, Zendaya has paired a black pixie-cut wig with finely cut baby bangs to frame her face. What’s the secret to Zendaya’s such quick, short hair transformation? It’s often a wig, says Kimble, noting that it can sometimes make the scalp itch or feel uncomfortable. “When she wears a short wig her hair needs to be denser and flat, so I often braid her natural hair.” To reduce the itchy feeling of the scalp or the discomfort caused by wearing wigs or other hair pieces, Kimble recommends using a scalp relief product that helps prevent itching.

perfectly polished waves

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No short hairstyle is off limits for Zendaya. For a full-on glam look, she wears a butterfly bob style with her signature deep side part, with ample volume at the crown. Her hair is curled outwards all around which frames her face. A large barrel curling iron, like the Sutra Beauty Infrared Curling Iron ($99.99), is best for creating soft curls with tousled texture.

old hollywood

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Zendaya’s sleek and sultry auburn bob is, of course, accented with an off-center deep part. Her beautiful medium length voluminous curls show no signs of dryness or damage. To keep hair as healthy as possible when using hot tools, a heat protectant, such as Color Wave Extra Strength Dream Coat ($32), protects hair and locks in moisture, leaving curly and wavy hairstyles silky, smooth. Helps in maintaining more resistance. Frizz-Plus, results last for three to four shampoos.

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