10 types of bangs that you can wear in the change of season

The bangs never go out of style. However, this season it is the trend that is coming and will stay for a long time. There are all kinds and none of them will fail this fall. Long, short, side, curtain, straight, baby bangs, hairpiece, bottleneck, curly and tousled are just 10 of the different types that exist.

the long bangs

This type of bangs is like a kind of evolution of the curtain call. However, long hair looks much better than short hair. “It is ideal because it is not very flashy, it is adaptable to all types of faces and allows you to play with it when collecting your hair in a ponytail,” they explained from The Beauty Concept Hair.

the short bangs

Úrsula Corberó is one of the actresses who has worn short bangs the most. Although it is not for everyone, the truth is that only you have to dare to take this jump. According to the training director of the GCK irons, it is ideal “for the most daring and with great personality. Before doing it, you have to be very clear that there is no going back”.

the side bangs

Recently it was Georgina Rodríguez who surprised everyone with her side bangs at the Venice Film Festival. Although this type of cut It’s hard to keep it upespecially so that it looks like hers, the truth is that it looks beautiful and will be the latest fashion statement this fall.

The curtain bangs

Anne of Arms she is the queen of bangs. The actress has worn it in almost all her haircut styles. However, the curtain is one of the best fits. According to the stylist Felicitas Ordás, he is the one who is most recommended in beauty salons when what you are looking for is “disguise the widest foreheads”.

The straight fringe

If we talk about straight bangs, we are undoubtedly talking about Dakota Johnson in “50 Shades of Grey”. “The best thing is that she favors the oval and elongated faces and we use it in practically all kinds of cuts,” revealed Rosi Fernández, who is in charge of a beauty salon.

The baby bangs

Thanks to the Bridgertons, baby bangs have not only become a trend again, but will be more relevant than ever this fall season. But, we must bear in mind that at least once a month we must go through the beauty salon if we want to see ourselves as Daphne conquered the Duke of Hasting.

The false bangs

Penélope Cruz resorted to the false bangs for the Venice Film Festival. But this is not the first time that the actress resorts to this trick to be in the latest fashion. So if you still don’t dare to cut, you can follow in the footsteps of Javier Bardem’s wife.

The bottleneck fringe

The model Bella Hadid is one of those who have already signed up for this type of bangs. The bottleneck is certainly one one of the most requested by international celebrities. Anne Hathaway, Margot Robbie and Lily Collins are others who have already been encouraged.

The curly bangs

They say that bangs are not suitable for those with curly hair. But the truth is that today this no longer exists. Nothing more to the cry of the latest trends than a neatly untidy mane. So if the curlers are part of your hair, then you just have to cheer up.

The bushy bangs

This fringe also serves to hide a wide forehead. The key is always in the density with which we carry it. According to some stylists it is ideal for oval faceselongated or rectangular.

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