10-year-old Latina girl will study medicine at the University of Massachusetts

A 10 year old girl Originally from Tuxtla, Gutiérrez in Chiapas Mexico, she is considered a genius and so much so that she will join the University of Massachusetts where he will study medicine.

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Michelle Arellano has a intelligence quotient (IQ) of 158just two points below Albert Einstein, the famous German physicist who is a benchmark for geniuses worldwide.

The story of this young woman is very interesting, since she was barely a year and a half old I already knew how to speak Spanish and was learning English. At the age of four she was already writing and reading both languages. Now at 10 years old she too fluent in French, Italian and German.

His learning capacity is phenomenal, because through some exams he passed primary and secondary school (up to ninth grade in the United States) and took the test of the National Center for the Evaluation of Higher Education (Ceneval) to accredit the baccalaureate.

There is no teacher who is prepared (in Chiapas) to teach this type of children who have special learning. They can’t be taught by any teacherbut it has to be a teacher who knows the subject and who is specialized in them”,

said Karina Guillén, mother of Michelle to CNN in Spanishhe,

When will the girl who will study medicine start classes?

Now the little girl will start her university this August, having virtual classes at the University of Massachusetts and later will travel to the United States to face-to-face classes.

He has several goals in life and at his young age he is about to fulfill one.

My dream is to become a great doctorI also want to be a marine biologist and an actress”,

Michelle Arellano said in an interview for EFE.

But he also assured that he wants to find the cure for several diseases, since he has had to get to know people with these conditions up close.

“I would like in my future collaborate to find a cure for cancer and autism. Because I know a person and I have seen several who have autism and it makes me sad that they cannot express themselves. So I want to find a cure for it and a program to understand us.”,

the little girl commented for CNN.

His classes will begin on August 29 and it is expected that in two years he will be traveling to his university for his classes in person.

Besides how good it is for school, Michelle draws, paints and plays the piano. She is also good at swimming and basketballbut it is also black belt in taekwondo.

After her complicated work to support her daughter, the mother assured that they seek to help other families with gifted children.

“Since I found out about the diagnosis I have not let go of my daughter, we are walking step by step according to how she feels, because yes: we have tried to be very careful with his emotional and physical integrity”,

commented Karina Guillén Cruz, mother of the girl.

Finally, the little girl sent a message to the children and their families:

“That they talk to the parents so that the teachers know about these children and they can help them with special classes”,

commented the minor.

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