12 getaways to celebrate Father’s Day

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On Sunday, March 19, the Father’s day in some countries, a date that invites to honor fathers and father figures in the family. This celebration is an opportunity to spend time as a family and thank parents for their love and dedication.

Also, the Father’s day It coincides with the beginning of spring in some parts of the world, making it an excellent opportunity to enjoy the good weather and explore new destinations. For those looking for getaway ideas, there are many options available in different parts of the world.

Film sets in Chinchón and Peñíscola

Lovers of the seventh art are fortunate to be able to explore Spanish towns and cities that have served as the setting for major film productions. One of these places is Chinchón, located about 60 kilometers from Madrid. This town is not only beautiful, but it has also been the backdrop for international films such as “Midnight Bells” by Orson Welles, “King of Kings” or “Around the World in 80 Days”, starring Cantinflas. So Chinchón is the perfect destination for moviegoing parents who love classic movies. But not everything is about classic cinema, since in 2021, Wes Anderson chose Chinchón to film his latest film with Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johansson, along with Bryan Cranston, Margot Robbie, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton, surrounded by heavy security measures. and secrecy.

For those parents who prefer TV series, there is a perfect place for them: Peniscola. This town is not only one of the most beautiful in Spain, but it was also selected as the setting for one of the biggest productions in recent years: “Game of Thrones“. The Plaza de Santamaría, the Paseo de Ronda, the Parque de la Artillería and the Rampa de Felipe II are just some of the corners of Peñíscola that gave life to the fictional city of Meereen in the popular television series. Without a doubt, a must for those who worship the “Mother of Dragons”.

Snowy landscapes in Arties and Capileira

Families who love snow and nature can take advantage of the fact that Father’s Day coincides with the last weekend of winter to visit one of the many towns that are located in snowy surroundings. artsies It is one of them. Located at more than 1,100 meters above sea level, between the Valarties and Garona rivers, this small town is a hidden gem in the Catalan Pyrenees. Its castle, its baths and its parish church stand out, a Romanesque jewel from the 11th and 12th centuries. In addition, Arties is an ideal place to practice winter sports such as skiing and snowboardingwith nearby slopes and impressive landscapes.

The south of Spain also offers spectacular snowy landscapes. Capileira, in Granada, it is located in the heart of La Alpujarra and within the Sierra Nevada National Park. With an altitude of almost 1,500 meters, this town offers impressive views of the peaks of Cerro Mulhacén and Picacho Veleta. In addition, Capileira surprises with its architecture of Berber origin, its Mudejar church and its houses embedded in the mountainside. It is a perfect place for hiking and enjoying the pure mountain air.

Hiking through Aragon

For those who love a healthy lifestyle and nature, there are perfect destinations for a family getaway among the most beautiful towns in Spain. albarracin, in Teruel, and Alquézar, in Huesca, are two of those destinations. Both municipalities have magnificent hiking trails in their surroundings. In Albarracín, for example, the Molino del Barranco Hondo trail stands out, which can be done on two different paths, depending on the difficulty of the terrain.

In alquezarOn the other hand, the path of the Puente de Villacantal, the path of the Footbridges and the circular route from Alquézar to Asque stand out. They all have different durations and levels of difficulty, so each family can choose the route that best suits them.

Get to know the smallest towns on the network

The smaller towns in the Association can be a unique option for a getaway on Father’s Day. Puentedey, in Burgos, it has just over 50 inhabitants and offers families a unique setting, as it is located on a natural bridge created by the Nela River. This municipality is very special and it seems that it has not been touched by the passage of time.

Further north, in Cantabria, Barcena Mayor It does not reach 100 inhabitants, but it attracts thousands of tourists every year. This municipality is the only population center included in the Saja Besaya Natural Park and is perfect for a weekend getaway throughout the area. The houses and stone streets that make up this small town blend with nature, creating an ideal environment to disconnect from day to day.

In Catalonia, Durro It is a small and unknown treasure. This town, one of the most beautiful in Spain, has less than a hundred inhabitants and is far from the main communication routes. Despite its small size, it is almost a must see. It has a 13th century church that is a World Heritage Site and a 12th century hermitage recognized as World Heritage.

Another surprising option is Vinegra from Above, in the south of La Rioja. This town is located in the heart of the La Rioja mountains and offers visitors a natural landscape of great beauty that families used to life in the city will fall in love with.

The most beautiful towns on our islands

Both in the Canary archipelago and in the Balearic Islands there are beautiful towns that are a perfect option for a getaway on Father’s Day. These options are ideal both for families who live on the islands and for those who are from Madrid and can take advantage of the long weekend, since the 20th is a holiday in this community.

In the Balearic Islands, alcudia It is a perfect option, both for small families and for large families. It offers a wide range of history, art, gastronomy and beach and mountain leisure, which makes it adaptable to the tastes of each parent and each family.

In the Canary Islands, Betancuria It is an unbeatable proposal for a getaway. This municipality was the first city of the islands and the first capital of the Canary Islands almost 200 years ago. Today, it is the least populated municipality in Fuerteventura, which makes it ideal for families looking to escape the big city and enjoy a few days of tranquility, an artistic offer and an indescribable volcanic landscape. All this, in addition, with the pleasant climate that the Canary Islands offer.

Marisol Nuevo Espin
Advice: Association of the most beautiful villages in Spain

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