14 HBO Max Premieres You’ll Want To See This October

This new month, which begins tomorrow, brings us all kinds of series, movies and documentaries. For example, we will enjoy a new season of star girl, Pennyworth either The White Lotus. And not only that, but premieres are coming that were once on the big screen, as is the case with Wonder Woman 1984. All this and more is what awaits us in October on HBO Max.

Premieres in series and documentaries on HBO Max

The premieres for October begin exactly tomorrow, the day October 1stwith the arrival of the stargirl season 3. Although, it will not be the only thing that will come to HBO Max, since a new docuseries called María Marta, the country crime. We will delve into the story of María Marta García Belsunce, who became one of the most emblematic crimes in Argentina, after everything indicated that it had been a domestic accident.

days later, exactly the October 7comes the pennyworth season 3, so that we can continue with the life of Alfred, who will be the great ally and friend of Batman in the future. And just one day later, the Wasteless Chef season 2.

The October 11thwe can continue enjoying Avenue 5, with its second season on HBO Max. In this case, we will travel again to a not too distant future in which space tourism is a booming business. And on October 12, we will have all american season 5 Y All American: Homecoming season 2.

Later, on October 18, the second part of the docuseries arrives on the Warner Bros platform The oathso we will continue to hear the story about the US trial against Keith Raniere.

And it won’t be until October 27th when we will be lucky enough to follow the Legendary series, as its third season premieres. Although, just one day latera new series is coming to HBO Max, called Garcia!, set in a hypothetical current Spain on the brink of political chaos. Starring Veki Velilla, who plays Antonia, a young investigative journalist who accidentally stumbles upon a conspiracy hatched several decades ago: a cryogenized superagent named Garcia.

To finalize the arrivals of more seasons and new series, the 30th of Octoberwe will have the premiere of RogueHeroes. And the 31 Octoberseason two of The White Lotus. A series that, with its first season, received 20 Emmy nominations in 13 categories and ten wins, the most wins of any show this year.

Movies you don’t have to miss

As for movies, there will only be two that will arrive on the streaming content platform in the next month. However, it stands out above all that, after a while, it will be released Wonder Woman 1984 the next October 19. A DC movie, starring Gal Gadotwhich premiered in 2020 during Christmas.

Lastly, the October 25, we can have a date with the most famous mouse and cat in history. More than anything, because the film of Tom and Jerry. So, in any case, we will have a month full of premieres on HBO Max that will not disappoint.

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