14 million dollar gift, the ‘love’ gesture for his friends


George Clooney gave a $ 14 million gift to his group of friends – a gesture of love that left everyone speechless. The actor also told a ‘creepy’ backstory: security officers are involved.

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The gesture is worth 14 million dollars: you would never imagine what George Clooney gave to his friends

He gave some incredible statements during an interview with GQ on the occasion of his nomination as ‘Icon of the Year’. George Clooney has always been appreciated by the world cinema audience not only for his enormous talent, but also for his private life, for his attachment to the values ​​of family, of friendship. The Hollywood star with GQ had a long chat and revealed that he had made a gift, to be considered immense, to his friends. Here is the background revealed only now!

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George Clooney: ‘The frightened security agents’, the ‘creepy’ background told just now

George Clooney long ago decided to give his 14 friends a million dollars each, in cash. Among his ‘brothers’ also Rande Gerber, husband of Cindy Crawford, who tried to refuse the money received as a gift: The Hollywood star was adamant. Either all or none. “I was a single guy. I was 52 or something. We were all getting old. I thought, “All I have are these friends who have helped me in one way or another in 35 years. Without them I would have nothing of what I have. If I were hit by a bus, they’d all be in the will. So why am I waiting to be hit by a bus? “. These are the words of George Clooney, told to GQ on the occasion of the nomination as ‘Icon of the Year’.

The background is about the actor’s security agents: “When I withdrew the money, the security officers were doing it on me given the huge amount of money” confessed George. Of course, how not to understand them. Let’s try to imagine fourteen backpacks worth 14 million… Who hasn’t felt a thrill?


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Clooney’s friends, when he was in financial difficulty, between auditions and studio doors slammed in his face, opened their homes to him to allow him to have a safe place to sleep, to eat. To repay all the affection received, George has decided to do this ‘act of love’. Who knows what Clooney’s 14 friends looked like, as soon as the million dollar ‘briefcase’ was opened….


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