15 healthy diet tips for cancer patients and avoid gaining weight

1. There is none diet that cures cancer. And, in general, a cancer patient can eat anything. But there are certain dietary indications that must be taken into account when suffering from this disease. For various reasons: because the food consumed and the cooking methods influence the state of health and because there are foods that may interact with treatments chemotherapy or hormonal

For this reason, Dr. Carolina Ortega, oncologist at Severo Ochoa and nutritionist Cristina Cruces, from Hospital Infanta Elena, with the collaboration of Merck, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the director of the Jesús García-Foncillas chair, Dr. Clotilde Vázquez, have published the Diet and lifestyle guide for cancer patients, a manual that explains how and what to eat. As well as what to do to control body weight, since the treatments that are administered in cancer can make you gain weight.

cancer and weight gain

In this sense, Dr. Ortega and the dietitian and nutritionist Cristina Cruces, whom we have consulted, explain that in some cases, the Increased weight it occurs in the active treatment phase of the disease due to the effect of treatment with chemotherapy and other drugs, it can also be derived from inactivity due to surgery, etc.

In many cases it is a chronic problem due to bad eating habitsas there is an excessive intake of calories in relation to energy needs and expenditure, or due to an unbalanced diet, usually associated with little physical activity.

The dietary recommendations and guidelines in the people with cancer and excess weight They depend on the clinical situation and the treatment they are undergoing at that time.

Obesity with malnutrition

It can give the paradox that exists at the same time excess weight and malnutrition, that is, there is an increase in the body fat compartment at the same time as a decrease in muscle mass, or deficits in essential nutrients, such as vitamins or minerals.

This may be due to multiple reasons, including the effect of the disease itself, treatments, inactivity and inadequate nutrition, which does not provide the necessary nutrients in each phase of the disease. Therefore, it is not only necessary to avoid excessive calorie intake, but it is also necessary to make good food choices.

The key, the good selection of food

The feeling of hunger, appetite It’s not a bad thing, it’s like thirst, heat, sleep, etc. The main problem is the poor selection of food, the way to prepare and combine them and the poor distribution of these throughout the day.

In order to better adapt to the nutritional recommendations and facilitate our changing habits it is necessary to identify the wrong habits and the situations that cause them, what can lead us to eat when we shouldn’t and what we shouldn’t, to be able to change them.

Below, we summarize the advice that the experts give us, dietary recommendations for cancer patientswhich can be extended to the general population, and which will help improve their well-being despite cancer.

– The progress most important in Cancer

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