15 years without Oriana. And the world is less free


We are orphans. For the past three decades (15 September 2006) we have been forced to live without the one who for a long time was an intellectual and spiritual mother. An unbridgeable void, an immense loneliness, made even more painful by the fact that, of that enormous ideological legacy, today there is very little left, judging by what we are experiencing. In fact, in the space of twenty years, the world has changed. In many ways for the worse. And that Freedom, with a capital “L”, so loved and defended by Oriana Fallaci throughout its entire existence it has been gradually taken away from us.

How did this happen? Why did we allow it? Whose Responsibilities Are They?

Well, this year, in the twentieth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers and in the aftermath of the political, military and humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan, honoring the memory of the great Florentine “writer” through this anniversary can be our antidote to the evils of the modern world. And perhaps an injection of hope for the future.

So let’s try to go back in time. Let’s forget for a moment about Covid, the mandatory vaccines, the Green Pass, the lockdowns, the DPCM, the No Vax (assuming they really exist). Let us also leave behind Biden, the “moderate Taliban” (yes, they even tried to sell us the presentable face of cutthroats), the Church of Pope Francis, Italian politics, the information system and social networks.

Fallaci’s words

Here, by eliminating all this, images of a better world and words of freedom that we have not heard for a long time begin to resurface within us:

“[…] I was a little girl to whom Buck had taught that life is a war repeated every day, merciless, cruel, a fight from which you cannot be distracted for a minute, not even while you sleep, not even while you eat, otherwise they will steal your food and your freedom. God, it was so easy to lose your freedom ”.

Already. We are experiencing it on our skin, Oriana. But is it all our fault? Did we get too distracted? Do we lack the balls to really fight this war or are we just victims of a system that makes all our resistance efforts useless?

“Those who determine our destiny are not really better than us, they are neither smarter nor stronger nor more enlightened than us. If anything, it is more enterprising, ambitious. Whether it comes from a despotic ruler or an elected president, a murderous general or a beloved leader, power I see as an inhuman and hateful phenomenon. I will be wrong but the earthly paradise did not end the day Adam and Eve were informed by God that from now on they would work in sweat and give birth in pain. The day ended when they realized they had a master who prevented them from eating an apple ”.

At a time when many claim to explain to us what freedom really is, struggling with a thousand arguments and contradictions, Oriana reminds us that in reality it is a very simple thing. How to eat an apple when, where and how you want. Is this anarchy? No, because true freedom consists in accepting the other’s life plan and no one can impose on others how they should live. She would never have traded her free will, even if humanity’s own destiny was at stake.

“To the same extent that I do not understand power, I understand those who oppose power, those who censor power, those who contest power, especially those who turn against imposed power with brutality. I have always looked at disobedience to bullies as the only way to use the miracle of being born. I have always looked at the silence of those who do not react and indeed applaud as the true death of a woman or a man ”.

Few of us now think so. On the other hand, stand on the side of power and feeding his narratives is worthwhile. And ultimately, a pandemic can be a good justification for oneself and others. But for this very reason our role as freedom watchdogs becomes even more important. Surrender is not an option because for us, being slaves is the same as dying.

“[…] Writing first of all means thinking. And without freedom we cannot think. We can’t work. The enemies of freedom are our first enemies ”.

If freedom is at stake, there must be no half measures. No compromise. Either you are in favor of freedom or you are against freedom. Oriana knew it well. And although he called himself a “socialist” he was actually much more liberal than many self-styled characters. Let us always remember that we have our first “enemies” at home. Otherwise it goes without saying that it wouldn’t have ended like this.

“[…] Because freedom, believe me, is first a duty and then a right ”.



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