17 Secret Waze Codes That Unlock Hidden Features of the App on Your iPhone

Waze is one of the most used driving apps and has a “god mode” with secret codes on the iPhone.

Whether you’re going on vacation or want to avoid traffic jams in your daily life, Waze is one of the… the most interesting apps for navigation and driving with your iPhone. Waze is always alert and provides instant updates on traffic incidents thanks to its users. Many people prefer Waze. If you also use it, there are some secret codes that will allow you to unlock options which don’t even show up in their settings. Something known as Waze God Mode, which we’ll detail below.

Hidden Waze Codes for iPhone

Some of these Waze secret codes can unlock very useful features like restoring favorites or resetting the app from scratch. Others may be more specific, such as changing servers. Us we give them all to you so you can save the ones that are most useful to you. Where do you enter these codes? Directly in the search fieldwhere you would normally enter an address, you will have to enter these Waze secret codes.

  • ##@Username: Shows your current username in the app.
  • ##@restorefav: Restore favorites from the server.
  • ##@coord: Show or hide your GPS coordinates.
  • ##@debuglang: Perform a translation check.
  • ##@debugspeed: Shows the segment speed limit regardless of the current speed.
  • ##@rawgps: Turn on or off the display of your real GPS location.
  • ##@traffic: Shows or hides the driving lines on the route.
  • ##@asr: Activate or deactivate voice commands, making it easier to navigate without having to touch the screen.
  • ##@tts: Toggle text-to-speech on or off. Ideal if you prefer to listen to instructions rather than read them.
  • ##@cctts: If the text to speech feature is not working properly, this code clears the cache and may solve the problem.
  • dbg@tts: Enable or disable debug mode for TTS to send reports to Waze support.
  • 2##2: This code toggles debug mode on or off, allowing you to see more information about the inner workings of the application.
  • ##@rus: Change the application language to English.

Even more Waze secret codes, only for the bravest

The next codes we are going to give you are: cclassified as not recommended Waze support. However, they exist for a reason, and you may need them at some point, so enter them at your own risk.

  • ##@resetapp: Restart the application as if it had been newly installed. This is useful for troubleshooting serious problems.
  • ##@il: Switch to Israel server.
  • ##@uses: switch to US server.
  • ##@another: Switch to the rest of the world server.

These codes will make the Waze app more yours and maybe even fix some minor bugs that it might have on your iPhone. From Applesphere tand wish you a safe journey accompanied by the best destinations from your iPhone, CarPlay and Waze.

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