170 passengers on Santiago-Madrid flight to disembark and board in Porto

or bad timing This was the reason why Ryanair used to explain to its passengers on its Santiago-Madrid flight on four afternoons that Or the plane you need to take to Compostela will terminate in Porto, Passengers showed their displeasure by waiting for one and a half hours for buses to be taken by the airline. transfer them to porto,

“We were supposed to reach Madrid at about a quarter to five and we were supposed to arrive at midnight.”

Departure from Rosalia de Castro Airport after 5:30 pm The last two buses towards or towards Porto carry 170 passengers each., mostly annoying and suspicious. The cold and wind figures were unremarkable until three days later at Santiago and everyone had their own theory to see which aircraft from other companies continued to spook and deceive.

“I think the plane landed from Madrid and replaced the pole that was delayed from Alcánte and they put the pole that had come from Alcánte on the flight from Madrid.”

Some people chose other paths so as not to lose connections with other people or work processes.

“We were going to do some work now in the afternoon, and had already lost.”

Company faces payment delay of more than three hours Financial compensation is always for non-sex reasons of force majeure, It remains to be seen which category it falls into or at a bad pace.

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