18 players from the Dominican Republic roster would not receive permission for the Classic

Nelson Cruz, general manager of the Dominican team for the World Classic informed the newspaper El Caribe, that the preliminary roster ofe 50 players, there are 18 whose organizations They have put buts to their participation in the March event.

“This situation affects the roster of any team”Cruz said during his participation in the El Caribe and CDN Breakfast. “Within the rules there is that the team (of the Major Leagues) can prohibit any player, which may not necessarily be due to an injury, as in many cases it usually happens”he added.

The manager of the Quisqueyan team supported Cruz’s statements: “Getting those permits has been a bit difficult. Here we know that everyone wants to play”, said Rodney Linares.

The names of those 18 players, however, were not disclosed, since the procedure indicates that the Dominican team must present its 35-player roster on February 7, after which they must wait for the final response from the big teams. leagues on the respective permits, according to what Juan Núñez, president of the Dominican Baseball Federation, explained.

It will be on the 8th or 9th when we will know if indeed those 35, which they have chosen, are indeed safe and there they will be able to give us the go-ahead to present the list to the country.”Nunez said.

Uniforms ready for sale

The Dominican team’s clothing will be available starting next week at the LIDOM Shop, according to Pavel Aguiló, the team’s marketing manager.

The price of the jackets will be 6 thousand 746 pesos or 120 dollars. It was not reported if they will be available online for shipments outside the country.

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