19 Hidden Jokes In The MCU Movies That Are Too Cute

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has a whole, well, universe full of details and lore with which to create amazing stories. Also has a lot material for inside jokes and recurring jokes. These are the subtlest jokes in the MCU movies, from deep cuts to Easter eggs and everything in between.


In the movies of Guardians of the Galaxythere is a disclaimer in the end credits which states: “During the making of this feature film, no raccoons or tree creatures were harmed. The same cannot be said for the handlers of said raccoons and tree creatures.”


On Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill’s ship is an allusion to 1980s star Alyssa Milano. As a child of the 1980s, Star Lord had a huge crush on the movie star, so much so that he named his ship “La Milano.” Alyssa Milano has said that having the ship named after her is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to her.


When Pepper Potts discovers that Obidiah Stane is selling weapons on the black market, she stumbles upon a cargo manifest for the MSC Lebowski. Jeff Bridges played both Obidiah Stane and “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski.


On Black Widowthe Red Guardian has the name “Karl Marx” tattooed on his knuckles.


On Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, Jon Jon tells Katie that he speaks “ABC”. Many assumed that he simply meant English, but Simu Liu explained that he meant “American Born Chinese” (the Chinese language of those born in the United States). Jon Jon saying that he speaks ABC was a nice subtle reference to the people in the audience who immediately understood the acronym!

Marvel / Via youtube.com

Simu Liu: “I mean, they mentioned it, and ‘ABC,’ of course, means ‘American-born Chinese,’ but it was the first time you’ve actually seen someone on film talking about, you know, a Lived experience”.


In the comics, Odin sends Thor to Earth as a humble young student named Donald Blake. While he never ends up being Donald Blake in the movies, there are several references to Blake.

Marvel / Via youtube.com

The clothes that Jane Foster gives him in Thor It belonged to her ex, Donald Blake. They also create fake credentials for Thor using the name Donald Blake. This occurs when Selvig is trying to get him out of SHIELD custody, and Thor wears a badge that says “Donald Blake MD”.


One of the most memorable parts of Thor: Ragnarök was Matt Damon’s cameo as “Loki”. In fact, Damon has previously played Loki in the Kevin Smith movie Dogma.

Marvel / Via youtube.com, Lionsgate / Miramax / Via youtube.com

Bonus: The actor playing “Thor” opposite Matt Damon’s Loki is Luke Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth’s brother.


On avengers, Tony calls “Point Break” to Thor. On Thor: Ragnarök, Thor is unable to access Tony’s ship via voice command. After trying “Thor”, “Thor, Son of Odin”, and “The Strongest Avenger”, he finally succeeds in saying “Point Break”.


Taika Waititi had a ton of fun rock jokes for Korg at Thor: Ragnarök. There’s even a subtle game of rock, paper, scissors. Korg fails to start a revolution because he didn’t print enough brochures (paper beats rock). Later, he accidentally bumps into Miek, who is basically a walking scissor (rock beats scissor).


in the beginning of Captain America: The First Avenger, Howard Stark tells Steve that Hydra “won’t come at you with knives.” Well, at the end of the movie, a Hydra agent attacks Captain America with a knife.


Bruce Banner (Hulk) and Natasha Romanoff were exploring what could have turned into a charming romance around the time of Age of Ultron. At one point in the film, Stark asks for Romanoff’s location. When she doesn’t answer, he says, “You and Banner better not be playing hide-and-seek.” I’ll leave it there.


As Bruce Banner struggles not to transform into the Hulk in avengersyou stumble upon a platform that says “Warning: Content Under Pressure.”

Marvel / Via youtube.com

That’s his secret, Cap… he’s always under pressure.


Laurence Fishburne starred in both The Matrix What Ant Man and The Wasp. In a scene in a classroom, there are several complex formulas behind Fishburne. Any of these math problems could be a subtle allusion to—oh, someone literally wrote “The Matrix” on the blackboard.


Of course “matrix” is a mathematical term, but come on, they knew what they were doing.


At one point, in Ant Man, Scott lands on the roof of a cabbie’s car. The driver looks up and the actor who plays that is Garrett Morris himself, who played Ant-Man in a satire of SNL from 1979. Morris was actually the first actor ever to make Ant-Man for the screen, so it’s perfectly appropriate that he made a cameo appearance in the 2015 film.


avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, avengers: end game and WandaVision have made references to the iconic Pixar Easter egg “A113”. This is a classroom used by California Institute of the Arts graphic design and character animation students.

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Not only are there a lot of artists at Marvel who went through A113, but there’s also some overlap between Pixar and Marvel thanks to parent company Disney.


Kevin Feige is a very big fan of starwars. It seemed to him that if Phase Two of the MCU was going to be his Empire Strikes Back, they could well cause a character to lose a hand, just like Luke did. Or maybe someone could lose an arm or a hand in each Phase Two movie.

Disney / Via youtube.com

Kevin Feige has confirmed that while this recurring joke didn’t start out intentional, it eventually became a conscious choice:

iron Man 3: Tony Stark cuts off Aldrich Killian’s arm

Thor: The Dark World: Loki cuts off Thor’s hand (turns out to be a projection!)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: In a flashback scene, we see Bucky’s arm severed after his fall from the train

Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora cuts off Groot’s arm

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Ultron cuts off Ulysses Klaue’s arm

Ant Man: Yellowjacket gets his arm cut off when thrown into the Quantum Realm


The Russo brothers began their professional career directing on television. One of the programs they started with was Arrested Developmentand in Captain America: Civil War they included the Bluth family’s ladder truck.


The Russo brothers have directed several episodes of the show. Community. In fact, it was one of the show’s paintball episodes that sparked Kevin Fiege’s interest in the Russo Brothers. As a result, several actors of Community they have appeared in the Russos’ films.

Marvel / Via youtube.com, Marvel / Via youtube.com

In addition to Danny Pudi and Jim Rash (pictured above), other actors who have starred in both Community as MCU movies are: Donald Glover (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), Ken Jeong (end game), Randal Park (WandaVision) and Aaron Himelstein (Age of Ultron).

Bonus: Dan Harmon, creator of Communityhelped inject a bit of humor into the script of Doctor Strange.


Alluding to its roots in Arrested Developmentthe Russo brothers included Tobias Funke himself, the one who can never be naked, in infinity war. Not only did they have his character make a cameo appearance, but they dressed him up in his best look: covered in blue paint and wearing only a pair of jean shorts.

What other subtle jokes from the MCU did you catch? Tell me in the comments!

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