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Also Jennifer Aniston arrives in the beauty world with a brand new brand of hair products, LolaVie, which mixes the title of his favorite song, Whatever Lola Wants by Sarah Vaughan, and the French word life. But unlike the other celeb-entrepreneurs, hers is technically a return to cosmetics: in 2012 the actress had invested in the Living Proof brand and had also been its brand ambassador, only to leave the scene in 2016 when it was bought by the giant Unilever. From there began his 5-year research to create eco-bio, vegan and cruelty free products capable of protecting and repairing all types of hair, easy to use and effective passepartout.

The starting point was the needs of Aniston herself: for script reasons, over the years she has often had to “mistreat” her hair, which is why for the debut of the brand she chose to launch the Glossing Detangler, a universal detangling, heat-protecting, moisturizing and polishing spray able to help all hair, including hers, which is necessarily always very well cared for. In short, LolaVie looks like a brand born from the personal experience of a Hollywood star who has had the opportunity to get in touch with the greatest beauty experts and who above all has often put her hair to the test. Indeed, his own iconic hair.

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In the middle 90’s what will become her personal hairdresser, Chris McMillian, creates for her, indeed for the character of Rachel of Friends, a look that perfectly summarizes all the trends of the period: a very scaled medium cut, very voluminous at the roots and pulled out on the tips, with highlights. The “Rachel” cut becomes one of the most copied in the world, becoming a pop icon of the decade. Jennifer Aniston sets the law, she’s a real influencer, and everyone wants to be like her.

But there is a but: she never particularly loved that hairstyle. In an interview with Refinery29 has revealed once and for all that not all that glitters is gold: at first she liked the cut very much and she was very proud of it, only to realize with time that it was difficult for her to manage alone having very wavy hair, even tending to curly, who did not marry at all with a cut of that type. But those were other times: at the time the smooth had the better of wavy and curly, which had to follow the trends.

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Aniston after many years of more or less extreme folds, not only today has a decidedly more comfortable (and equally copied) but very cool layered cut, but she also wanted to study something that was able to repair even more damaged hair, just like hers, which tends to thin and weaken over time, but which was also quick and easy to apply. With LolaVie she wanted to address with great sincerity to all women, who despite not having the most important hairstylists in the world such as Hollywood stars, are absolutely entitled to a fabulous hair at a democratic price: Glossing Detangler costs 25 dollars.

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