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Streaming platforms renew their catalogs with two long-awaited premieres linked to superhero movies.

The last Marvel movie that was a real success in theaters is now available online, while one of the most beloved series of the genre on Netflix has renewed its season

“Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness”

Recently released in theaters, the sequel focused on the sorcerer with Marvel powers can now be seen from home through Disney +.

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The second film focused on the mystical superhero Stephen Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, began fully with the concept with which the franchise flirted in its latest installments: the existence of a “multiverse” that exceeds the limits of the reality we know.

The protagonist travels into the unknown with the help of old and new mystical allies. “He will traverse the mind-boggling and dangerous alternate realities of the Multiverse to face a new and mysterious adversary” advances the synopsis.

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“The Multiverse is a concept that we know terribly little about,” says Strange in one of the previews that was released recently.

The film, directed by Sam Raimi, shows well-known characters such as Wong (Benedict Wong), or Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) already in her version of Scarlet Witch.

Strange is a character from the Marvel comics who worked as a neurosurgeon and a terrible car accident takes away the ability to use his hands. Faced with the failings of traditional medicine, he finds hope in a mysterious temple, where he learns to use magic.

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Rachel McAdams returned to the cast of “Doctor Strange 2,” playing Stephen’s first romantic interest. Chiwetel Ejiofor returns as Mordo and Xochitl Gomez debuts as America Chavez, a young teenager with powers.

The Umbrella Academy

The third season of the time-traveling superhero story “The Umbrella Academy”, a series created by Steve Blackman and based on the comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, arrived on Netflix this Wednesday with a new batch of ten chapters in the that the dysfunctional group must face a completely disrupted reality after avoiding a nuclear apocalypse in the 60s.

After the success of its previous installment on the platform, which captivated with more adventure and entertainment than ever before, the strip continues the plot starring the adoptive Hargreeves brothers, who have just gone through a great adventure that brought them together in the past not only to stop the global destruction but to discover new details of the eccentric millionaire who decades later would welcome them and train them to turn them into a team of vigilantes.

However, on their return to their original timeline, Luther, Diego, Klaus, Allison, Five and Viktor must soon put the festivities aside as they find themselves in a completely different landscape than the one they left behind.

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There, his own house is now the home of the Sparrow Academy, a group of young people with superhuman abilities who, challenging the Hargreeves with their special intelligence and coldness, face them in a violent battle that unleashes losses, surprises and endless challenges.

But that’s not all for the protagonists, because in addition to the general confusion and the introduction of their counterparts on the scene, they will discover that a hitherto unknown entity is destroying the universe and that, perhaps, its appearance was the work of their own actions between jumps. and jump through the story.

Therefore, the brothers must convince the new and more refined family – also created by their adoptive father, Reginald (Colm Feore) – to help them correct what their maneuvers could have ruined and, in the process, try to return to life. their pre-apocalyptic lives.

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Meanwhile, this season of “The Umbrella Academy” is the first of the series in which the Canadian actor Elliot Page participates since his gender transition in 2020, an experience that the production decided to accompany in fiction with the transition of his character. , who shortly after the start of this delivery assumes his new identity as Viktor.

Although the event does not occupy a central place in the narrative, how the subject was going to be treated was unknown to the followers of the strip, but according to the first reactions that have already proliferated on social networks, the audiences received the way in which that was scripted and highlighted the sensitive and warm way her siblings embrace the decision.

This introduction of diversity in the story is added to the elements with which it has so far managed to appeal to a consumer audience of narratives of the comic-inspired subgenre that values ​​more than ever the plots that subvert and revise the concept of hero and heroine.

Thus, as in “Doom Patrol” and the emblematic “Watchmen”, the series supports this proposal in which the characters experience the powers that allow them to teleport, summon spirits or possess super strength, among others, more like a curse than like a gift

Along with Page, the leading cast of “The Umbrella Academy” is completed by Aidan Gallagher, Robert Shehan, Tom Hopper, David Casteñeda and Emmy Raver-Lampman, to which are added new names such as Genesis Rodriguez, Britne Oldford, Justin Cornwell, Jake Epstein and Cazzie David.

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