20 members of a dangerous Puerto Rican gang that trafficked drugs from the DR are arrested

At least twenty members of a violent gang in Puerto Rico were arrested for allegedly transporting large amounts of narcotics from the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere, to Puerto Rico.

According to the Judicial District of Puerto Rico, the defendants and their accomplices established drug distribution points that moved between public housing projects to avoid being captured by the police. Among the methods they used to avoid the authorities were barriers, dogs and barbed wire.

“Today’s (March 3) arrests reflect the strong commitment of the United States Department of Justice and its legal allies to investigate and prosecute those who incite violence on our streets through activities such as the sale of illegal drugs,” said Puerto Rico District Attorney W. Stephen Muldrow.

The indictment indicates that from 2018 to date, said organization distributed crack, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, percocet and alprazolam.

The object of the conspiracy was the large-scale distribution of controlled substances in Vega Alta for significant financial gain and benefit.

The detainees had different roles within the organization: from leaders, brokers, sellers and facilitators. Eight of those arrested are accused of possession of weapons and drug trafficking.

All defendants face a $6,451,375 narcotics forfeiture charge.

In addition, they are accused of vehicle theft and selling narcotics from these cars.

According to the document, some members of the gang belonged to the musical group “Los Piratas”, who drew graffiti referring to the group near the drug points.

The report indicates that several members also tattooed the letters LSR, in reference to the phrase “Loyalty Without Rank”.

The defendants are: Marcos Pagán Rodríguez “Papin”; Miguel Santana Avilés “Macho/Machito”; John Morales “Gordo” Rodriguez; Michael Nieves Lacend “Pinto”; Christian Sifonte-Ramos “Teddy” and Joseph Israel Ramos “Mena”.

Also Alex Jomar Negron-Garcia, Said David Adorno-Martínez “Saiid”; Raymond Santana Aviles; William Rodríguez Reyes “Willy”; Juan Lozada González “Picu”; Luis Alfonso Cabrera “Javi”; José Rosado Vega “Hands Mongas”; Jose Negron-Rodriguez, “Pepo”; David Rodríguez Reyes and Steven Pacheco Melecio.

Likewise, Josué Rosado Rivera “Cano/Skateboard”; Ismael Figueroa Maldonado “Capo”; Gabriel Aguayo Santana “Gaby” and Mizrain López Feliciano “Mizra/Flaco”.

Those accused of drug trafficking could be sentenced from ten years to life.

While those arrested for carrying illegal weapons from 15 years to life sentence.

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