20% more battery on any Android: disable this feature

If you are one of those users who maximizes the battery of your device today we have good news for you. There is a very simple way to have more battery daily on your Android smartphone. Only turning off an option from the system you will get a extra autonomy Nothing despicable. It is the function that more energy consumes when it is not disabled, The ubication. And it is not something that we are inventing, Xiaomi itself confirmed it a while ago.

Deactivate the location to extend the autonomy of your mobile

A study revealed a few months ago confirmed that real-time location was the function that spent the most on Xiaomi mobiles. Specifically, he consumed a 18% of total battery daily, more than the screen or other services such as Bluetooth, WiFi or mobile data.

This high expense can be extrapolate to other devices of more brandssince it is a very inefficient option that spend a lot of your mAh all days. This location service is in charge of triangulate your position to save waiting when you open the GPS or an app that needs this data.

It is a useful service, but you don’t always need to have activated on your smartphone. It is preferable to wait a little longer on some occasions than to have a function of this style active 24 hours a day.

It is possible that deactivating the location saves your mobile an expense that goes between 15 and 20% daily. It is a not insignificant figure that can be enough to not have to charge the terminal in the middle of the afternoon, for example.

How to disable mobile location

remove location It is something very simple that will only take you a few seconds. You simply have to lower the notification bar of your mobile, slide down again to see the shortcuts and look for an option called ‘Location‘.

Just click on it to turn it off and that it is not consuming energy for the whole day. If you want to open the GPS or an application that needs this location, it will be as simple as sliding the bar and activating it again.

This location is activated by default on almost all smartphones, so it is very likely that you currently have it activated. Let no one tell you that nothing happens and that it does not consume energy, because it is the function that consumes more battery in Android mobiles.

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