20 movies that turn 20

It is difficult to be aware of how quickly time passes and, unless we take something as a reference, we do not realize the years that have passed since we were little. In fact, reviewing the films that are 20 years old, we have been surprised to realize that films that we thought had been released recently are no longer so recent.

Today we have decided to review all those premieres of the year 2002 that have marked us either because they are part of sagas that we all carry in our hearts, or because they are films that marked us in our adolescence.

1. This body is not mine!

A classic movie among teen cinema that we all saw in the first decade of the 2000s. Starring Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams and with a typical plot at that time in this type of film: a change of body, a popular teenager and a great lesson.

2. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

2002 was a great year for releases like this: the second installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In it we finally meet Gollum while the Fellowship of the Ring is dissolved and the members follow two different paths.

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3. The Pianist

A drama set in World War II where the protagonist, a pianist of Jewish origin, will have to live in hiding facing all kinds of dangers with the sole objective of not being captured.

4. Catch me if you can

A film directed by Steven Spielberg in which the protagonists, Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicaprio get into the shoes of an FBI agent and an elusive criminal.

5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The second installment of one of our favorite sagas of all time: Harry Potter. The chamber of secrets has been opened and although they try to prevent Harry from reaching Hogwarts, he succeeds and faces everything that is put in front of him with the aim of saving his friends.

6. Treasure Planet

A Disney movie that usually goes quite unnoticed but nevertheless tells a most entertaining story, an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island”.


Jason Statham stars in this case transporter: an action movie, how could it be otherwise. The actor puts himself in the shoes of a former Special Forces operator who is dedicated to transporting packages of any kind without asking questions, only with an origin and a destination.

8. The Ring

A classic in terms of horror movies that every lover of this genre has seen at some point in their life. How many nightmares Samara caused us with televisions, long hair and wells.

9. Jackass: The Movie

Thanks to the success that this group of friends doing all kinds of crazy things had on the MTV channel, in 2002 the decision was made to take their pranks to the big screen with a movie along the same lines as the program.

10. 8 miles

The movie of 8 miles It stars Eminem himself, with his original songs as a soundtrack and inspired by his own life. A boy passionate about hip-hop with relationship, family and economic problems who uses his music as an escape route.

11. Men in Black II

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith put on the suit again 4 years after the events of the first part to once again face all the extraterrestrial dangers that lurk on Earth.

12.Lilo and Stitch

There are plenty of words for this Disney classic in which we finally met one of our favorite characters from the entire company: Stitch. What Lilo did not know when adopting him is that he was not an “ugly dog” but a failure in a genetic experiment. A beautiful movie where they teach us the value of family with a keyword: Ohana.

13. Spiderman

The first film installment of the superhero Spider-man starring Tobey Maguire. In it we see the transformation of the young Peter Parker to Spider-Man. From high school nerd to hero who saves New York from all the dangers that lie in wait.

14. Star Wars, Episode II: The Clone Wars

Although critics put it as one of the worst films in the saga, it is a key episode to understand the entire plot of Star Wars. In it we see the transformation of Anakin Skywalker as he succumbed to the Dark Side during the clone wars.

15. Ice Age: The Ice Age

20 years have passed since the premiere of the first installment of Ice Age. A hilarious adventure in which a mammoth, a saber tooth and a sloth have to manage to bring a human baby back to his home. Meanwhile, Scrat the squirrel (who we recently found out will never appear in any movies again) manages to get a long-awaited acorn.

16. Spirit

A steed with an indomitable spirit who will not be tamed by anyone but still finds a human friend who makes him trust them again.

17. John Q.

John Q is a drama starring Denzel Washington. The actor puts himself in the shoes of a father willing to do whatever it takes to save the life of his son since the medical insurance does not cover the operation he needs.

18. A walk to remember

A movie that has everything to be a beautiful romantic and teen drama: the popular boy in high school falls in love with a good girl with unwavering faith. Of course, to see this film you have to have the pack of tissues at hand

19. The Revenge of Count Monte Cristo

In this case it is an adventure film with the plot of revenge prepared for years for a betrayal between friends.

20.Resident Evil

A horror movie based on the homonymous video game saga. Due to a viral outbreak that was exposed before time, all the workers of a research center are contaminated, only they were not as dead as they seem since they became zombies.

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