20 perfect short hair to be fresh and fashionable in summer

The short hair They fit very well, provide an ideal look for all types of faces and are very comfortable. In addition, they accept different lengths and hairstyles so that your hair is always neat in summer. recognizes it Mara of the Iron Searesponsible for the hall Mint Beauty Place at Calle Prncipe de Vergara, 280 in Madrid, “medium-length hair never goes out of style, above all because of its adaptability and versatility, for a round face, the ideal is to choose a long at the level of the clavicle Type long bob and not too faded in the face area, leaving the parting in the middle and the back part slightly shorter” suggests the expert.

The current most requested haircuts

If you are thinking of a change of look for this season, we suggest some of the current haircuts most requested in hairdressers and that favor at any age. From the oval pixie cut, to the shag haircuts in its medium length version with layers. But also the bixie cuts halfway between the bob and the pixie haircut that work both on straight hair and on curly or wavy hair and admit a multitude of styles. cool hairstyles and styles for the hottest days.

And also the paraded cuts at the ends that give movement and update the hair in one piece. And of course the open bangs with volume on the sides.

But there are many more options of looks and these are the 20 perfect short hair to be fresh and fashionable this summer.

Pixie XXL

The XXL pixie is ideal for straight hair as shown by Grace Elizabeth and allows you to go to the bob in the most elegant way.

The XXL pixie is ideal for straight hair as shown by Grace Elizabeth and makes it easy to switch to a bob.Getty.

Modern, current, rejuvenating… The XXL pixie It is a very versatile choice if you want to bet on short hair since can be air dried or textured. It favors oval faces, or even angular ones, greatly highlighting the cheekbone and if the face is rounder, it is important to leave the front part much longer and mark the parting very lopsided to stylize the features. And of course, nothing like refreshing the cut for beautiful and flattering hair.

micro bob

Cate Blanchett with a microbob haircut.

Cate Blanchett with a microbob haircut.GTres Online.

A microbob or bob haircut Very short unloaded and paraded can be another option when asking your hairdresser for a fresh haircut for this summer since it is light and avoids excessive volumes, so it is ideal whether your hair is straight or thick. wavy or curly.

Carr degraded and paraded

Tamara Falcon

Tamara Falc with a paraded bob cut and surfer waves.GTres Online.

The carr haircuts gradients and parades They are also a great short hair option for a messy effect and are one of the best versions of the iconic bob haircut. “The gradient usually goes in the front area of ​​​​the face and adapts to both straight and curly hair,” says Ana Martnez, Education Manager of Jean Louis David. And the ideal is to ask your hairdresser to personalize it.

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