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A tour that will bring them to Spain on June 15 and 16 in Madrid and Barcelona as well as performing in Lisbon (Portugal), Prague (Czech Republic), Odense (Denmark), Holland (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Paris , Arras (France), London and Birmingham (United Kingdom).

On June 25, 2002, his first studio album, Songs about Jane, was released, which took a couple of years to explode on the sales charts around the world until She will be loved swept away. The late boom of that LP meant that it took us 5 years to receive its sequel. But the quintet at the time hit the road from the outset to defend their songs. Two decades later they continue to enjoy themselves on stage.

And not only enjoying but also making enjoy. That is why we have considered the 20 songs that we would like to be able to hear in their two shows in Spain. 20 songs to celebrate 20 years live and that represent a deep review of his entire recording career.

Obviously, as it is a tour close to his last studio album, the main weight of the setlist / repertoire should be carried by Jordi’s songs. We leave the selection of the bulk of the songs to Maroon 5 but we are going to ask them to never lack them Lost, Beautiful mistakes, Memories and, of course, their most Latin collaboration: button along with Anuel AA and Tainy.

Going back 6 years to Red Pill Blues, when the pandemic had not yet hit our lives, we would love to hear live again what lovers dothe huge Who am I? and of course Girls like u.

We have to go back almost a decade to find his next compositions that we would love to remember. And of V (2014) we are spoiled for choice. They were songs with short and direct titles but whose successful life still lives on: Maps, Animals and Sugar they could not be missing from their repertoire in Madrid and Barcelona.

We already have the exact half of a possible setlist (leaving many songs out) but we still have the most nostalgic and historical part of the line-up. One of my favorites, one more nightwould open the Overexposed stage in which they could not miss either Payphone and Daylight. Misery and Give a little more they would be the candidates for the album Hands all over and from that year, 2010, we cannot leave out Moves like jagger. Wow!

We only have 4 songs left for two great albums as they were It won’t be soon before long and Songs about jane. Obviously they cannot be left out of the second This love and She will be loved. With only two options from his second album to choose from, we have to select make me wonder and, of course, the beastly hand in hand that Adam Levine and his team had with Rihanna in If I never see your face again.

20 hits like 20 soles for 20 years of live music

  1. lost
  2. memories
  3. Button (Anuel AA and tainy)
  4. Beautiful mistakes
  5. what lovers do
  6. Who am I?
  7. girls like u
  8. Maps
  9. Animals
  10. Sugar
  11. one more night
  12. payphone
  13. Daylight
  14. misery
  15. Give a little more
  16. Moves like jagger
  17. this love
  18. She will be loved
  19. make me wonder
  20. If I never see your face again

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