200% increase in consultations for anxiety and depression in Tabasco – El Heraldo de Tabasco

Mario Villa Soto, director of the Villahermosa Regional High Specialty Mental Health Hospital, has noted a significant increase of 200 percent in outpatient consultations. Anxiety and depressive disorders are the main reasons for seeking medical attention.

According to Villa Soto, following the health emergency resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, emotional consequences and unresolved grief persist, leading to an increase in requests for mental health care.

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The Director highlighted that the main factors contributing to these conditions are family and social problems. “Arising from circumstances of grief loss, anxious situations, family problems and educational problems. Regarding the age of the population requesting these services, the doctor explained that they are mostly young adults, middle adults and adolescents.

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Regarding the population admitted to the psychiatric hospital, the director said that currently there are about 40 people, most of whom are abandoned people. This situation highlights the importance of comprehensive mental health care to address the emotional challenges of the population.

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