2022 was the year with the fewest new Super Mario games in 30 years

Super Mario is the mascot Nintendo’s favorite, without a doubt, and the greatest ambassador of the entire video game industry, a fictional character as recognizable as Mickey Mouse himself.

Many even regret that Nintendo He doesn’t stop launching Super Mario games, to the point of wearing out the character… but is that true?

In 2022, only two video games starring Mario: Mario Strikers Battle League Football and Mario+Rabbids Sparks of Hope, both for Nintendo Switch.

Do you think many? Well, 2022 has been the year in which Nintendo has released the fewest Mario games… since 32 years ago, in 1990!


Super Mario Bros. The Movie – Trailer 2 (English)

2022, an unusual (relative) rest year for Super Mario

The Twitter account specialized in Mario curiosities called supper mario broth He has realized this curious fact that, indeed, the Mario Wiki verifies.

The two Switch games mentioned above are the only two Super Mario releases in all of 2022, although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC would have to be discounted.

In 2021, there were four Mario games: Super Mario 3D World+Bowser+s Fury, Mario Golf Super Rush, Mario Party Superstars, and WarioWare Get it Together. And in 2020 six, if we count the 35th anniversary Game & Watch as a title.

According to the Mario Wiki, the last few years the number of Mario games is decreasingalthough it is true that previous years there were more platforms (desktop and portable at the same time, such as 3DS and Wii U, DS and Wii, Game Boy Advance and GameCube…), in addition to the sporadic mobile games (the last one was Mario Kart Tour in 2019).

And by 2023… there is no announced Mario game. Yes it is, however Super Mario Bros. The Moviewhich due to its importance should count as several games… and Nintendo is also expected to release a new 2D Mario game next year.

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