2FA Authenticator, the dangerous app that steals your bank details

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The security company Móvil Pradeo discovered an application that was active in the Google Play Store, called 2FA Authenticator, what seemed to offer two factor authentication to the user’s accounts, but however, it was a malware known as Vultur.

The application, which has already been removed from the Store, was downloaded by more than 10 thousand peoplewho were exposed to a hacker group that was dedicated to steal bank information on the cell phone.

How did the app work?

In its installation, the app requested all types of permits: take photos and videos, disable screen lock, network access, file query, permission to use of biometric datawith which they could access the passwords to enter the banking applications.

The hackers took advantage of the fact that most users didn’t pay attention to permissions that they granted when downloading the application, so they could Easily manipulate private data of the users.

If you have installed this application on your cell phone, it is convenient remove all data from that app in ‘Settings’ > ‘Downloaded applications’ so that they do not continue to steal your information and you are a victim of fraud.

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