3 best comedies to watch

There is a very small group of actors and actresses that anyone can name three great movies about without much effort. Robert DeNiro It is one of them. At 78 years old and without the need for money or prestige, he travels to all corners of the earth to continue filming.

Currently installed in Argentina to shoot the series Any beside Louis Brandonihis presence in the country invites you to love him a little more by reviewing his most buying roles.

Actor of all the stories, builder of all the characters, and creator in all ages, in this note three comedies are proposed to see in hbo max Y Netflix in which De Niro lives up to his reputation also in humor. And, just for the challenge, we left out some very blockbuster movies.

Robert De Niro is currently installed in Argentina to shoot the series Any beside Louis Brandoni

Reckoning, comedy of two old rivals and something else

If you focus on the poster, it is the fight of the century: Jake LaMotta Vs. Rocky Balboa. It could be, but no. In Reckoning (2013), The Kid (Robert De Niro) and Razor (Sylvester Stallone), two old boxing rivals, meet again 30 years later for one last match.

Each one with his backpack and different living conditions, they make the audience laugh inside the film and the one who “strime” on the other side of the screen. Directed by Peter Segal, the perfect articulator between the two legends (of cinema and boxing) is the promoter Dante Slate Jr., played by a very funny Kevin Hart.

In addition to the excellent cast, this film has the genius of bringing and disarticulating the drama and nostalgia of Raging Bull (1980) and Rocky (1976 and in any of its editions). It breaks with the VHS to which it refers and puts the audience in a completely 2.0 rivalry. To watch and enjoy HBOMax.

The bright side of life, one click away on Netflix

In these last years of career, Robert De Niro has worked tirelessly. And just as he is the leader of greatest hits, he plays secondary roles with the same height. That is the case of The bright side of life, or Destiny Games (2015), where He appears as a grieving, older father with a sincere interest in reestablishing the bond with his bipolar son.

Directed by David O. Russell, tells the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper), who returns home to his parents (Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver) after being released from eight months in a psychiatric hospital.either. Pat had been institutionalized for hitting his wife’s lover.

The bright side of life is available on the Netflix platform

Why can a film that develops such a dense theme be included in a list of comedies? because it is a dramedythat genre that at times causes a lump in the throat and, minutes later, allows an honest and decompressing laugh to relieve the respiratory tract.

At the psychiatric hospital, Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who promises to help him get his wife back in exchange for him entering a dance contest with her. Thus, Bradley Cooper joins in a very special performance with an impeccable Jennifer Lawrence, a world in which Robert De Niro is the perfect concerned father. Prepared for all the emotions, The bright side of life Is available in Netflix.

Fashion intern, a popcorn film on HBO Max

First of all, it is necessary to say that Pasante de moda (2015) is not only a fiction, but also a very colorful fantasy. Not in terms of genre, but in terms of credibility. With a leading pair with a lot of chemistry, it is excellent entertainment for those who enjoy generational clashes.

Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a widower, retired and methodical man of 70 years who, in search of an occupation that motivates him, applies as an intern in an enterprise that is dedicated to the online clothing business.

The position entails being an assistant to Jules Ostin, a very young, very busy and very bright millennial (Anne Hathaway). First in the work dynamic and then in the family, this kind man, with manners from another time, despairs and accompanies the speedy Jules.

The director is Nancy Meyer, creator of great romantic comedies such as Someone Has to Give in (2003) or Falling in Love with My Ex (2009). Pasante de moda, a great popcorn movie, is available at HBOMax.

After seeing Robert De Niro walking through the streets of Buenos Aires, the generalized anxiety to see his new comedy it is bigger. Will it take a place in the list of his best comedies?

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