3 current trends that patients prefer

  • In 2020, Mexico ranked sixth worldwide as one of the countries with the most cosmetic medicine and surgery procedures.
  • Social networks and the increase in permanence on the internet during the pandemic boosted aesthetic procedures.
  • Among the current trends, the “beauty enhancement” stands out, where doctors are responsible for highlighting the facial features of each patient.

It is a reality that both men and women have had more interest in facial and body aesthetic care. Now people are looking for the antidote to feel younger, comfortable and satisfied. This is why they resort to aesthetic medicine as the ideal option to avoid undergoing surgery.

Current national panorama

In 2020, Mexico ranked sixth worldwide as one of the countries with the most cosmetic medicine and surgery procedures in relation to its population. The evolution of this industry in recent years has increased its acceptance, which is why more people have sought this type of treatment because they are effective without being invasive.

Currently, we can see that the trends in aesthetic medicine are directed towards “less is more”, that is, it seeks to have natural results that do not make a drastic change in the face evident.

Within these trends, “beauty enhancement” stands out, in which doctors are responsible for highlighting the features of each patient, enhancing the harmony of the face, the proportion and balance between the different features that define it. That is why each person must have a personalized application according to their measurements and areas of opportunity.

Trends in aesthetic medicine

In that sense, Balmori Aesthetics Center is one of the most recognized aesthetic medicine clinics in Mexico City for having the most advanced technologies on the market. Based on his experience, he shares three treatments based on current aesthetic medicine trends:

1. Facial oval profiling through dermal fillers: It consists of using hyaluronic acid and collagen biostimulators on the face. The jaw bones largely define the facial oval and have a greater influence on the shape and appearance of the face due to the jaw contour, so this technique stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. It also redefines the neckline and face for a more youthful, toned and luminous appearance.

2. EmSculpt: Balmori Aesthetics Center has one of the most innovative devices in the world to mark the abdomen without the need for surgery. This procedure helps both women and men to build muscle and at the same time burn fat with high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, where from one session, it causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions that are extremely important to improve muscle tone and strength. the muscles.

The efficacy and safety of experiencing EmSculpt is that in just 30 minutes per session you will have achieved 20,000 abs without effort, 16% increase in average muscle mass and reduce up to 19% fat.

3. Fractional radiofrequency: One of the most innovative procedures is Scarlet technology, which, through non-insulated gold-plated microneedles, improves the quality of the skin by producing new collagen with a tensor effect and reducing flaccidity as well as fading fine lines. expression, it also reduces acne marks, blemishes, and dilated pores, in the same way it helps restore luminosity to the skin thanks to bipolar radiofrequency.

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