3 easy steps to get the perfect blow dry, according to Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist

Will there ever be a day when we’re not totally obsessed with hair? Jennifer Aniston? The youngest will surely remember how their medium hair was the hair reference of the moment (in fact, the “rachel” cut was back in fashion last year), not to mention that beachy tone that drove us crazy. And the best part is that, during all this time, Aniston has not stopped working with her longtime stylist, Chris McMillan.

On her Instagram account, McMillan recently spilled the secrets to Aniston’s silky straight hair with a black and white photo of the actress smiling before an event: “I love a good blow dry,” the stylist shared, “Wow. have volume but that is smooth”. And then the information we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: how McMillan achieves the perfect drying of Aniston.

Step 1: Divide the hair well into sections

“To dry it, I take a section and a half of the hair, starting at the nape of the neck. It is important that, beforehand, the hair is washed and towel-dried,” he writes. The hairdresser does not use any product to make the blow-dry last, but slightly dampens the actress’s hair if necessary.

Step 2: Use the blow dryer nozzle

Ibiza Hair Tools round brushes “always give good results”. For the drying itself, there is no need to complicate. Just make sure to aim the blow dryer nozzle at the root of your hair for a sleek finish.

Step 3: Focus on the roots

“The key is to lift well and dry the hair from the root,” he adds. That explains why Aniston’s mane is always effortlessly perfect volume. It is not a matter of doing much. It’s a matter of doing it right.

This article was originally published on Vogue.co.uk. Translation and adaptation: Robert Martínez-Carrasco.

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