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3 eyeliner ideas for the night

How to solve the make up before going out in a single step: we show you the most viral ones imposed by the famous.

If you have to go out and you want to solve your make up quickly, you can do it with a high-impact eyeliner, we review the 3 that are all the rage:

siren eyes

The border Mermaid Eyes went viral, as it was adopted by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. He lengthens the gaze, widens the eyes and highlights them like nothing else, perfect for wearing a discreet makeup that focuses on your eyes.

siren eyes outlined
The mermaid eyeliner subtly highlights the tear duct and the corners of the eye to lengthen the look. Photo: Pinterest

graphic outline

If you love the riskiest looks that are trending, graphic outlines They are your best option to give back to your creativity. You can make them in the one you prefer, as well as with the lines and shapes that you like the most.

kylie jenner graphic eyeliner
Kylie Jenner and her graphic black eyeliner. Photo: Pinterest

cat eye

This is one of the outlined The most classic there is and one of the most chosen: a classic that usually opts for the color black that emphasizes the look and makes it more sensual.

barbie ferreira cat eye liner
Barbie Ferreira, from Euphoria, as well as an actress, is an influencer and sets trends with her makeup. Photo: PInterest

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