3 makeup tips to replicate the makeup of Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose

lily-rose depp He is the first child of the famous and now controversial Hollywood actor Johnny DeppWho has decided to direct his professional career in the field of acting as a good successor of his father’s acting art. world of modelingBecause its great beauty allows it.

The expression of American and French genes inherited from his mother has made him so lily rose Becomes an icon of style and many young women of her age and many more mature women seek to imitate her attractiveness to complete.

Luckily, for those who don’t know what the keys are makeup routine of one of “Napo Babies” At the moment, experts in makeup and personal beauty have written down the keys to copying the actress’s style and put them through a tutorial, which is here vanity We present you in written form and with additional tips.

Preparing Lily-Rose Depp’s skin for makeup

Lily Rose Depp (3).jpg

Defined cheekbones are part of Johnny Depp’s daughter’s most notable features

Before applying other cosmetic products, the IT girl tries to hydrate her skin abundantly so as to apply only a light layer of base, as the young lady does not like to abuse this type of products and upon its application Likes to concentrate more. Natural outline.

The protagonist of “The Idol” has two favorite products Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Tanning Cream and illuminating liquid Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow by Chanel, Which, combined with the nice tone of blush, makes the young lady’s features sophisticated and her beauty stand out among other more domineering people.

Lily-Rose usually focuses her makeup on the eyes

Lily Rose Depp (2).jpg

Brown and gold shadows are also part of Lily-Rose Depp’s makeup range

Although contour This is an essential technique in the daily routine of the daughter of vanessa paradisEye makeup usually minimizes the effects of this procedure, as famous women usually choose a clear look based on dark shadows and trendy style called “Smokey eye”.

Eyeliner inside and outside the corner of the eye is a must in the model’s style. In particular, Lily usually pays attention to the length of the stroke in the tear duct area, which gives it the effect of holding “Fox” type eyes.

Finally, the lips

Lily Rose Depp (1).jpg

Nude lipstick shades are part of Lily-Rose Depp’s essentials

text of lily-rose depp makeup They do not end until they take into account the importance of the lips in a sensual look, because this part of the body often gives women a little or a lot of their attractiveness.

Here’s a solution to keep Depp’s daughter’s lips always full dark eyeliner on the sides And fill with colors ranging from nude to deep red.

So, if you, like many people in the world, are fascinated by beauty The only daughter of the protagonist of “Young Scissorhands”Don’t hesitate to repeat these techniques to see radiant and sexy Every moment.

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