3 movies based on real events to watch on Netflix

The film industry has always brought to the big screen impressive stories that have occurred around the world. That is the case of the feature films we want to talk to you about today, which are based on events that occurred in real life.

brick fever

2020 – Dir: Cüneyt Kaya

Film that tells the story of the rise and fall of two real estate swindlers. Victor Stein (David Cross), a penniless but nice young man, is haunted by the memory of his father in debt to the tax collector. With the help of his reckless friend Gerry (Frederick Lau) and cold Nicole (Janina Uhse), who works in a bank, Viktor discovers a way to rip off the Berlin real estate market. This plan ensures that the trio become incredibly rich in a short period of time. But there is also a big problem: the system is illegal.

Eat Pray Love

2010 – Dir: Ryan Murphy

After several sentimental failures, a woman decides to find herself through a trip through Italy, India, Bali and Indonesia. Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) had everything a woman can dream of, a husband, a house and a brilliant career, but she was lost, confused, dissatisfied. Once divorced, and after a period of reflection, she decides to abandon her comfortable life and risks everything, embarking on a trip around the world.. The story is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s autobiographical bestseller.

The fat and the skinny

2018 – Dir: Jon S. Baird

This is the story of one of the most famous comic duos in the history of cinema. American Oliver Hardy (John C Reilly) and Britain’s Stan Laurel (Steve Cogan), better known as the fat man and the skinny man, staged a triumphant farewell tour in the early 1950s, at a time when their careers were in the doldrums.

Far from their golden age and ignored by the public, the couple embarks on a tour of Great Britain and Ireland. With the support of her women, Lucille (Shirley Henderson) and Ida (Nina Arianda), and thanks to the love for their work and for their years of collaboration, Stan and Ollie manage to overcome a demanding schedule and secure a place in the hearts of their audience.

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