3 of the Best Apple CarPlay Apps for iPhone

Apple CarPlay is a very interesting platform that, like Android Auto, is the tool in charge of facilitate navigation, music playback and answering messages while drivingbasically that.

However, there are mobile applications that are compatible with these platforms to get the most out of them. And even though there are only a small number of iOS apps that are compatible with CarPlayYes, there are a few that you may like more than the pre-installed options that CarPlay offers you.

Precisely for this reason, it is that today we have brought you 3 of our best rated third-party apps (within what’s available) for CarPlayso without much more to add, let’s go straight to it.

Waze for CarPlay

Loyalty to the apps we use is a real thing, so if your go-to navigation app is Waze or you just want to give it a try instead of using Apple Maps, you can use it in your car with CarPlay for free and without any problemsince from iOS 12, CarPlay began to support third-party navigation applications.

As for what makes Waze stand out, it is mainly its community-sourced information that alerts users if there are construction zones on the road, nearby speed controls, obstacles on the roadamong other things.

TuneIn Radio for CarPlay

If you have any idea about online radios, you will know perfectly well that TuneIn is one of the best options out there without a doubt. So, assuming you want to listen to the radio in the car but don’t have any stations you like nearby, you can easily open TuneIn and from there enjoy more than 100 thousand radio stations from around the world, and this totally free although the platform also has a subscription to access exclusive content.

whatsapp for carplay

And yes, WhatsApp is one of those few third-party instant messaging apps that CarPlay supports, including Telegram too by the way. So, having the WhatsApp app installed, you’ll be able to see your notifications on the CarPlay home screen, and by the time you open the app, you’ll be able to hear unread messages aloud or dictate new ones as well.

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