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Scam attempts have always gone hand in hand with the ways we communicate. We have seen attempts by letter, by phone, by SMS (like the one we told you about Banco Santander recently) and, increasingly, by WhatsApp. The reason is that this application has gone from being an app to talk with friends and family to a global communication application, even for dealing with companies.

And this is what many scammers use to try to get money that you don’t really want to give them.

Lately we have even seen how messages are received that are supposed to come from official numbers of companies such as Vodafone, but the reality is that they are an attempted scam. How can we identify it?

a bad writing

Example of language used in scam attempts

Example of language used in scam attempts

This is possibly the most striking thing about a scam attempt of this type. The text we receive is very poorly written, with spelling and typographical errors, something that a real communication department of a company will not allow.

Whenever you receive messages of this type, be alert and be suspicious.

call you whenever you can

I always say that it is rare for someone to call you to give you something, and if it is what it seems, surely there is something behind it.

If they offer you a promotion, a discount or a gift, the best thing you can do is say thank you and say that you are going to make the call to the company in question (Vodafone, Orange, whatever bank…) and that They manage that gift for you.

If they rush you it’s for something

The rush is not good

If you do what was mentioned in the previous point, it is possible that they will tell you that it is not possible, that if you do not do it at that moment, the discount will be lost. It is a clear sign that it is a scam.

The scams are becoming more sophisticated

The improvement of technology allows for more and more advanced bots, but we can still see, if we pay attention, that we don’t talk to a personor if that person uses an online translator inaccurately. Both signals are indicative of passing high.

As you can see, there are tools that we can use to try to avoid this type of scam, although we are never 100% sure. Not giving out personal data on WhatsApp is always a good way to avoid problems.

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