30% of the students who request a place at the Uex want to study Medicine

30% of the students who have requested a place to study at the University of Extremadura (Uex) next year he wants to do Medicine. The pre-registration period has just ended and this year the university has received more than 15,000 applications, 30% more than last year (3,000 more). Of them, more than 4,500 are to study the degree of Medicine, which is positioned, one more year, as the most demanded race of the Uex; despite being the one that asks for the highest score to access: 13.1 out of 14.

For the next course this degree has increased the places offered by 10%s (12 more per year) to meet the central government’s request to help train more doctors. The request is made after 200 vacancies in Family and Community Medicine have become free in the current call for Internal Resident Doctors (MIR), 40 of them in Extremadura. In order to provide an urgent solution to this situation, it was decided to increase the quota of non-EU citizens to 10% (it was 6%), so that they would be the ones to occupy these deserted places. Although not even this has managed to cover them, because there are still 93 vacancies, 26 of them in the region.

With the offer of more places in the faculties of Medicine, what is intended is that each year more doctors graduate from the country’s universities who can apply for this MIR call. Extremadura was one of the autonomous communities that requested this extension from the Government of Pedro Sánchez: “We cannot continue to allow vocations that cannot work in the health system when there is a lack of specialists, and even less so when the university is public, committed to society”, said the Minister of Health, José María Vergeles, when the MIR vacancies that were deserted were known. In this way, for the next course the Uex will offer 132 places.

other races

Medicine is followed by Nursing and Veterinary as the other two most demanded careers, something habitual in the University of Extremadura. Nursing offers 330 places between the Cáceres (95), Badajoz (80), Mérida (55) and Plasencia (100) campuses and has a cut-off mark of between 10.8 and 11.49, depending on the city in which that you want to study (Badajoz is the one that asks for the highest grade). Veterinary, for its part, has 95 vacancies and a cut-off mark of 11.2.

Medicine has expanded this year by 10% the places to get more doctors to train


However, of the 15,000 people who have registered to pursue their university studies at the Uex, only a little less than a third will finally be able to access it, since pFor the next course there are 5,287 places among all degrees.

They never get busy, although since the 2020/2021 academic year, enrollments at the Uex have not stopped growing. This year 3,850 people have been trained in the available grades and the previous year there were 3,827. The forecast is that this course will continue to rise. As indicated by the rector, Antonio Hidalgo, This increase is motivated by the pandemic, which has curbed the desire to go to study away from home. To which is added the free registration offered by the Uex for a subject approved in the first call and that living in Extremadura is “much cheaper” than in Madrid, Salamanca or Seville, the main competitors, said the rector of the Uex.

The award, on July 15

The July 15 The first award will be published and the registration period will open, until the 18th.

Between July 15 and 18 There will be a claim period for this first award. And between the July 22 and 25 Those who have been admitted after having claimed may enroll.

There will be up to seven allocations of places until September, so a person can be admitted in any of these periods.

Extraordinary pre-registration will be July 25 to 28.

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