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Nintendo Switch continue your own absolute domination in Japan, where he once again monopolized the ranking by occupying 30 out of 30 positions. Historically, this is the sixth time this has happened since 1995, but the hybrid console is making this routine.

The Japanese ranking at the beginning of January 2022 confirmed, if it were still needed, the extraordinary success of Switch at home, made even more evident by Sony’s inability to guarantee sufficient supplies to support the PS5 and PS4 sales.

In short, we are witnessing a situation of almost total control, which seems to confirm the theses of some analysts according to which Nintendo Switch has eradicated PlayStation from Japan, winning the favor of Japanese users.

Moreover, the domain extends to the hardware, since Nintendo Switch which has passed the 23 million units in Japan and globally it reached 101.88 million units, beating Wii and reaching the sixth position in the ranking of the best-selling consoles ever.

The next goal of the hybrid platform will therefore be to exceed the 102.49 million of the original PlayStation and reach the fifth position overall: it is likely that it will be able to do so in a matter of months.

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