30 years after its flop debut, this animated film is the year’s most successful film and can finally be seen on streaming – Movie News

An adaptation of one of the definitive characters in a video game that survives its success

Video game adaptations come to fill the void that superhero movies are starting to leave, completely overcoming the fear that they gave when they were announced to be accepted by the public. The 180-degree turn that one of media’s most beloved characters has experienced, who He gets success in films just like he gets success in sports,

super mario bros movie The legendary Nintendo hero returns, becoming the highest-grossing animated film of the year after 30 years A live-action movie that failed and was ridiculed, With Chris Pratt, Jack Black and Anya Taylor-Joy voicing these beloved characters, this big hit comes to streaming via Movistar+ months after its theatrical release.

Mario and his brother Luigi are an Italian-American couple who have recently opened a plumbing business in Brooklyn, much to their father’s disapproval and the ridicule of the rest of the neighborhood. After seeing a large water leak on the news, Mario and Luigi go underground to fix it, but get trapped underground. is absorbed and separated by a green pipe,

There was a live-action version of ‘Super Mario Bros.: The Movie’ that you may have nightmares about

Mario reaches the Mushroom Kingdom, ruled by Princess Peach, while Luigi reaches the Dark Land, ruled by the evil Koopa King Bowser. Bowser wants to marry Peach and if she refuses he will destroy the Mushroom Kingdom using a Superstar. Mario will face obstacles, star roads, animated mushrooms and more Save your brother and kingdom from the Koopa threat,

The failure of the live-action film created fear within Nintendo itself, which had been very restrictive when negotiating adaptations of its video games for decades. once conquered pokemon detective pikachuthey began to see that there was Way to collaborate with Hollywood again And there will be no stain on his reputation. Animation studio Illumination came on board immediately.

‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’: Stellar event

The studio has abandoned the style and design of minions-like sagas to make the characters in the game more similar to their original versions. there is also a movie Full of references that can fit into all the worlds that Mario has gone throughAll the powers and clothes he has worn on his adventures, and the secondary powers he has learned about.

Visual Challenge: A glimpse of ‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’ hidden in the wall that only the most observant will spot

Of course, to super mario bros movie It’s hard for him to do anything consistent with all this, being more fun in specific moments like the musical number with Bowser or the section that’s practically an adaptation Mario Kart, Its good finish was enough to make it One of the biggest cinematographic events of 2023,

you can see super mario bros movie On Movistar+.

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