4 benefits of dancing for physical and emotional well-being

Dance is a form of exercise with numerous health benefits. Discover them below.

4 benefits of dancing for physical and emotional well-being

Last update: 03 January, 2023

Dance is a form of exercise with immense power to bring about positive changes in people. Even so, the benefits of dancing often go unnoticed and are not widely known by those who remain outside the discipline.

Dance is present in a multitude of contexts and activities, and not necessarily within the sports context. It is common to dance at parties, celebrations or religious rituals. This tells us two things: that there are many opportunities to practice it; and that it is a highly valued activity in society.

A misconception regarding the benefits of dancing is that you need to go to a gym or be a professional to experience them. This is not like that at all Whether dancing at home or at school, at an amateur or professional level, dance is capable of producing positive effects on physical and mental health. Below we delve into the main ones.

1. Enhances agility and coordination

Dancing enhances coordination and improves balance.

The dance requires moving the joints in a coordinated way to produce the movements correctly. Also, it is necessary for the person to have a certain agility to intertwine the movements in a fluid way.

This is especially beneficial for older people. As age increases, motor skills decrease. but this loss is reversible through an active lifestyle.

Continuing with this idea, in a study published in the Education Magazine It is claimed that therapeutic dance in older people has the following benefits: it strengthens bones and muscles, improves balance, coordination and happiness.

2. Improves cognitive processes

On a psychological level the benefits of dancing are even more significant than on a physical level. Normally they are not given as much attention because they are not visible, however they have a lot of power to improve the quality of life.

As published in a study carried out by the University of Malaga, professional dancers make better use of memory resources and perform better on long-term recall tasks. This is understandable given the large volume of information that has to be assimilated in a choreography.

3. Eliminate negative emotions such as stress

The psychological benefits of dancing not only affect the most cognitive or rational part, but the emotional part is also strengthened.

This is due to the healing power that music has, and the fact that you can express yourself through it. The lyrics of a song or the rhythm is capable of provoking identification with personal thoughts and concerns.

Too, dance is a wonderful way to express what one carries inside without resorting to words. Sometimes it is difficult to put feelings into words, so an alternative is to replace words with movements.

4. It is an ally in weight loss

Many people have weight loss as a priority goal. Whether for health or aesthetic reasons, weight loss requires a person to do a lot of exercise, especially aerobic ones.

When choosing an aerobic exercise, the most important thing is that it be pleasant. During training you can experience physical feelings of fatigue, so high doses of motivation are necessary to resist and not give up.

Dancing is an aerobic type exercise that allows you to lose weight.

Dancing works very well in this regard because it distracts attention from unpleasant sensations. Attention is focused more on the music or the steps of the choreography than on muscle fatigue.

Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm and experience the benefits of dancing

One of the great advantages of dancing as an exercise is that it can be practiced in many places and without the need for additional equipment.

Like any activity, it is normal that at first one feels clumsy and disoriented, but this should not discourage you. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Little by little you will feel that your body is more agile, your brain is more awake, and that it is easier for you to get rid of those unwanted kilos.

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