4 elegant and easy bows to make with which you will be right to go to the office

It shines for its comfort and versatility. The bow, in all its versions, adapts to all situations, providing the right elegant touch. How to hit? Why choose bow tie?

[Desmintiendo mitos con una experta: “Lavarse el pelo una vez por semana es condenarlo a muerte”]

To go to the office, do not hesitate to work the bow in its most informal version, with loose front locks. for a more casual touch. For a more special occasion, opt for “a sophisticated look that can give us an ultra-polished low bun to which we can add a bit of shine and definition, or a carefree high bun with bangs and loose strands if it’s a gathering of friends,” Ismael tells us. From Felipe (Calle Padilla, 74).

To Paul Tudor, director of the David Künzle Fuencarral salon next to the Glorieta de Quevedo, one of the bows that he likes the most is the ballerina: “It is a bow that can be done high or low but not too tight for a partyyou have to leave it a little loose as it is more wild and bohemian, unstructured and casual, so as not to appear too rigid because it is not the occasion or the place”.

Also very fashionable, the ponytail-bun and the elongated bow, or the well-polished bow, which is also super elegant, should be combed all the way back, leaving it tight, and then fix it, without weighing it down, with hairspray or hair gel: “Or the ultra-polished, which stylizes a lot and are ideal with a parting in the middle or on one side. We can also accompany them with jewelry, hairpins or headbands” advises Ismael De Felipe.

4 easy bows to make, according to the experts

  • Slick: in this bun, its height (high or low) does not matter so much as the effect facelift that it generates when taking all the hair back. It is extremely youthful and elegant. We have seen it on occasion to Jennifer López, Gwyneth Paltrow or Emily Blunt.

  • ballerina: Although there are several types, the classic is a high bun that collects all the hair so that no hair is left loose. Simple and romantically inspired, some actresses such as Rooney Mara or Penélope Cruz carry it like no one else, who we remember studied ballet before launching into acting.

  • top knot: It is a high bun that is characterized by stylizing the face and neck as well as the figure, ideal for short women. They are regulars, with or without bangs, Taylor Swift or Kate Hudson.

  • Braided: It has no secret, it is a bow made with a braid of the many that we see at weddings. To be more sure that it will not unravel, you can fix it with a spray or lacquer. They have worn it incredibly, actresses like Charlize Theron, Elsa Pataky or Jennifer Lawrence.

The frizz problem

Whatever the bun you opt for, when it comes to doing it, you may find yourself with a persistent problem: frizz. To solve it, there are a multitude of anti-frizz products such as sprays or others, enriched with hyaluronic acid that redefine and hydrate, but also oils, foams or express masks: “A piece of advice is undoubtedly to texturize the hair (give it volume) before making the bun ” adds the expert.

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