4 negative effects of air conditioning on your health

Air conditioning can cause contractures, cough or dry skin.

In areas and countries where it has never been needed, air conditioning systems are being installed in a surprising way.

It’s one of the effects of climate change and the increase in the earth’s temperature: being on the street becomes difficult at certain times and a house without air conditioning It is also not the place to find the desired freshness.

But these facilities and devices can affect health if they are not used properly.

How does air conditioning affect health?

1. It can cause coughing

The lungs can suffer from being continually exposed to cold air but also due to sudden changes in temperature when going outside, much hotter. It happens, above all, if there is a difference greater than 5º between your home and the street.

This sudden change makes the thin layer of liquid lining the airways evaporate more quickly of what is replaced, causing dryness, irritation and cough.

2. Dry skin and eyes

If the environment dries out, one of the consequences of using air conditioning can cause you dry skin and eyes even one conjunctivitis because the tear film of the eye is altered. To avoid it:

  • Hydrate enough. Keep in mind that the sensation of freshness will decrease your desire to drink water.
  • Avoid high air speed modulating it with the remote control.
  • Don’t smoke inside From home.

3. Contractures and headache

If the jet of cold air is directed towards where you are, it is very likely that you end up shrugging your shoulders without realizing it and that you stay like that for several hours.

that can cause you contractures that, in addition to intense pain, prevent you from moving freely; and also headaches. avoid it placing the slats horizontally where the air comes out, as parallel as possible to the ceiling and not towards the floor.

Do not make the mistake of putting it at a very low temperature (at 18º) when you get home. Machine will expel a lot of air at first to get to what you have marked, and in a few minutes you will be cold. Set the thermostat at about 22º.

4. Worsens sleep

A study by the Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan) has shown that sleeping with the air conditioning on alters the quality of sleep.

The researchers found that the air affects rest even when it is so low that it is apparently not noticeable.

According to the data they collected, the people who participated in the research they moved more and more abruptly in the bed every time the air was connected. This is automatically caused by the device to achieve a constant temperature.

In addition, they found that the air not only caused more microarousals, but also slightly increased heart rate (the heartbeats). That can cause some people to wake up with a increased blood pressure if they had slept the whole night of the pull and without air conditioned.

What health problems can air conditioning aggravate?

  • Lung ailments or asthma. If you suffer from any ailment of this type, it is preferable to ventilate the house without using the air conditioning. And as long as you have it connected, breathe preferably through your nose and not through your mouth.
  • Dry Eye. In case of dry eyes, air conditioners worsen the pathology because they dry out the environment a lot. Using artificial tears, blinking frequently, and maintaining proper humidity in the environment with humidifiers can help.
  • migraines. Air conditioning that is too cold constricts blood vessels and can make a migraine worse.

Tips for using the air conditioner well

The first and most important step is clean the filters and the water outlet. If this has been accumulated, there could be fungus that would then be filtered into the air that you are going to breathe.

The external drive should always be checked and handled by a professional, although you can remove dust from grates with a brush.

The last changes in the electricity bill, With different prices for time slots, they make it even more important to make good use of our air conditioning equipment.

In case you are going to buy one, try to make it as efficient as possible. You will see it marked with a scale of colored stripes that go from A (in green and which is the maximum) to G (in red, the lowest).

And if you already have one, follow these four tips:

  • Please clean the filters before plugging it in. Set an alarm to sanitize them at least every two weeks, vacuuming them or washing them with soapy water, never with a brush because they would fray. Let them dry in the shade.
  • Put it at constant temperature. If you don’t want to receive an astronomical bill, try not to vary the thermostat of your air conditioning too much. The consumption, and the bill, shoots up when you raise it and lower it continuously. Keep it between 21º and 24º.
  • Not automatically. It may seem that the automatic mode is ideal, but it is not: it will try to maintain a stable temperature, which means that when the room gets too cold, it will heat it back up to maintain the original temperature. And vice versa if the room is too hot. Each of those adjustments will spend much more.
  • Close doors. If the empty rooms are open (bathroom and kitchen, for example), there will be no comfort point where you are.

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